A Quick Update!

Hey everyone! Hope your weeks are all off to a great start. Today is my first day back in the office since buying the house so I feel like things can finally get back to normal. Like actually updating this blog! Speaking of the house, it’s coming along awesome.

File May 08, 10 37 39 AM
The faces of homeowners who haven’t received a single bill for it yet.

However, try as I did, I wasn’t able to get anything done in the way of blog updates this week, but I wanted to drop in and let you know what I had in the pipeline. It also feels super strange to not post on a Monday, so call it the Monday morning guilt!

First off! I am about 75% done with part 2 of RETROspectives, and I’m planning on taking a short break to release some other articles before I jump on part 3. I’ve had such a blast writing these two articles but GOD I am just the worst. They take me forever and a day to write. I have this weird habit of opening it up, and instead of continuing to write, I start from the very beginning and re-write so much of it. The end result is I spend far too much time refining everything and never end up writing anything new. In other words – I need to write shorter things!

Aside from the mega-post that is RETROspectives part 2, I’ve got a few write-ups on some games I’m playing. I’ve realized lately that I don’t particularly like writing reviews, which is why my “review” articles are prefixed with “Some Thoughts On…” since I write them purely out of passion in a moment when I’m thinking about why I enjoy (or did not enjoy!) the game. In that vein we have Exist Archive, a terrific JRPG out for the PS4/Vita that I am loving to death. If you love a cool story, great turn-based battle systems, character development, and Japanese stuff, you may like this one.

I finished Blaster Master Zero on the Switch a few weeks back and have about 90% of a Thoughts On piece written, so that should be coming out soon, especially in light of the recent DLC announcements.

Another write-up I am planning is, of course, Breath of the Wild. There’s not much more to be said about it that hasn’t already been said, but I’d like to lend my 55 hours of experience and see if I can add something new to the table. Earlier today, PowerBombAttack posted a great piece about his experience. A few weeks back, AdventureRules had a write-up that weighed some positives and negatives and discussed where the series could go. Overall, I’ve loved all the thought-pieces and would like to contribute my own!

I’ve also done quite a bit of writing about video games in general, and how to avoid getting burned out. I think I am the master of ruining things that I love by doing them too much, but video games have always had a significant part of my life, and I wanted to look at them as a hobby and explore why they can sometimes burn us out. The concept came about when talking to a close friend about being unable to care about them anymore, so I kind of “word vomited” into a blank canvas and that article is the result.

Anyway, that’s it for now and I need to get to doing actual work today – until next time!





  1. That’s awesome! Congrats on your house! And you two look adorable! I love it!! 😀

    I know what you feel about burning out. For me, it’s not so much playing many games as it is having to play a game. There’s such a difference in mood when I feel like I HAVE to write about a game. It’s why I don’t write about every single game I play if I can avoid it.

    I look forward to the articles you are writing over the horizon though! Best to you! 🙂

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    • Thank you Mr. Panda!

      I think keeping work and play separate is mandatory if you want to avoid burnout. Of course, this can be hard when you want to create content, but need the time to play games so you have something to write about!

      I appreciate the kind words 🙂

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  2. Ah, that glorious and fleeting moment where you enjoy the home before any bills show up!
    I one hundred percent understand your conundrum with the whole “starting stuff over” dilemma. I used to do that all the time when I was trying to write novels…naturally, I never finished one. It’s so tempting to just hit the reset button and make everything better. I’m excited to see your upcoming work, and thank you for mentioning my own Breath of the Wild article!

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  3. Thanks for link to my review. Looking forward to you getting back to your steady stream of posts. Looking forward to the article of being burned out. After BOTW and so many open world games this is becoming more and more apparent every day.

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