Geddy Enrolls in the College of Winterhold

Why, hello there, fellow video game and nostalgia enthusiasts! It’s been a while, or at least a few days, so have a seat and read some sentences that I have typed down before you.

“Sounds good Geddy!” you probably said aloud.

But today is a different day, for I am no longer jusGeddy, no! I have recently joined the ranks of The Well-Red Mage writing team! From this point forward, I’ll be answering to not just Geddy, but also The Over-Caffeinated Nostalgia Mage.

I’ve always admired what they’ve done over there and it’s an honor that they’d have me on board. That being said, while Nostalgia Trigger will still continue to exist and receive updates like normal, I’ll also be contributing reviews over on Well Red Mage.

“Why Over-Caffeinated Nostalgia Mage?” Well, the latter half of that is probably fairly obvious. I’m a sentimental guy and I get nostalgic about all manner of things very spontaneously. The former part, the over-caffeinated part,  is due to my addiction to coffee and the fact that basically all of my blogging is done while ripped on caffeine. I have a sensitivity to the stuff, somehow, and so when I drink a lot of coffee, my twitchy fingers need to do something. It’s pretty much the only way I can get words on a page that make any sort of sense.

Not sure if they’ve got a bed ready for me yet but I heard they have a GREAT Continental breakfast.

So there it is! I’m stoked to be on board over there.

Currently, we’re in the midst of the 31-Day Elemental Challenge for the month of July. In this challenge, daily questions are answered by the Mage staff, based around our favorite games from 31 different genres. I’ve contributed blurbs for the past two days but thanks to my weekend alcohol intake I haven’t been able to comment much on them here on Nostalgia Trigger. Expect that to change once I sweat it all out.

That being said, the 31-Day Elemental Challenge was a very nostalgic walk down memory lane for me and acted as the catalyst to contacting Well-Red Mage himself to inquire about contributing. Discussing old games from yester-year is one of my favorite past-times, so go check out all the entries and feel like a kid again.

Here are Day 15 and 16, but you can find all the past questions so far from the homepage.

Thanks again to Well-Red Mage & Co, and I’m looking forward to contributing soon. Toodles!

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