Celebrating Two Mystery Blogger Award Nominations!

The WordPress community is certainly not shy when it comes to sending around good vibes, and I was recently nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award – twice!

Now I’m generally not great at receiving these kinds of things so please forgive me if it’s taken me a while to get a good response together. Truth be told, I don’t take compliments very well and I find these tough to respond to while still sounding genuine. It’s truly flattering! So I hope I do this right.


A big thank you to Scott from Insert Memory Card and Megan from Dragon’s Tea Party (whose name I just learned from the linked post!), two terrific bloggers who put out some consistently wonderful content! We all seem to have a lot in common, as Scott likes to reminisce about snowy levels from classic games, and Megan has a soft spot for nostalgia just like me. And those kinds of things, well, we dig that here.

Let’s get down to it.


  • Put the award logo/image on your blog. (it’s up top)
  • List the rules. (you’re reading them!)
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • You have to nominate 10 – 20 people.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny
  • Share a link to your best post(s).

Ok.. continuing forward in bullet point order. Three things about myself.

Three Things About Myself

  1. I’m a gym rat! Lifting weights changed my life and I encourage everyone to at least try it. I went from feeling lazy and miserable all the time to barely being able to sit still because I have so much energy and am constantly motivated. The physical and mental health benefits are insane from working out. Do it!
  2. I’m a metalhead. I love all types of music but metal always hit a spot with me. Death metal, progressive metal, grindcore, thrash metal, you name it. Mastodon, Animals as Leaders, Soilwork, 3 Inches of Blood, and Uneven Structure are what I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It also helps with the lifting!
  3. A few months ago I started my first woodworking project – a 28 bottle wine rack made of solid oak. My wife got me a huge DeWalt set of cordless power tools with everything imaginable for my birthday. I also inherited a ton of tools from my late grandfather. I figured, “hey, I’ll say thank you by making a cool wine rack!” I designed it in CAD and bought materials, etc. It’s been a total nightmare and I can’t wait to finish it so I don’t have to look at the pieces of wood in my garage. Nothing about woodworking is straightforward and I’ll probably never do anything like this again.

My Best Post

My best performing post has consistently been Gaming: It’s Not a Lifestyle, It’s a Hobby. It seemed to resonate with folks, although it’s probably one of my least favorite posts because it doesn’t have the vibe that Nostalgia Trigger is all about. I wrote it out of frustration and never got to the point – the whole thing was written towards my younger self, but I never figured out how to write that into a conclusion.

My favorite post is probably when I found my old video game manuals and spent two hours taking photos with amiibo and writing about them. THAT’S what Nostalgia Trigger is all about!

Answering Questions from Scott

  • What was the video game that first hooked you into gaming?

A Link to the Past was my first experience with adventuring in a video game. I don’t know if it really “hooked” me into gaming, I just really enjoyed it and played it over and over again. To this day I really don’t enjoy most games that come out, they need to be just perfect. A Link to the Past, for me, is perfect. The irony is not lost on me that I spend a ton of time writing on two gaming blogs yet dislike 95% of games that are out there.

  • What would your “last meal on earth” be?

A prime rib with mashed potatoes from a specific non-franchise restaurant a few miles from my mom’s house. Also, the bacon-wrapped turkey meatloaf I prepped for lunch this week with my wife was absolutely fantastic. Out of this world. 30 minutes till lunch and I can’t wait!


  • If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Woo, tough question. I’d have to say somewhere in the south, though. North Carolina is the kind of place a person like me could live. Great places to ride dirt bikes, mountain bikes, relaxed atmosphere, affordable houses and taxes, basically the exact opposite of New Jersey.

Oh, anywhere in the world? Assuming I could come back, I would go to Austria and tour the KTM factory, then take a ride in the gorgeous Austrian environment!

  • What is your favourite era of pop culture (including gaming, TV, movies, etc.)? For example, ’90s cartoons, XBox 360/PS3-era gaming, and so on.

American pop culture in the mid to late-90s. VH1 Pop-Up Video, TRL, Beavis and Butthead, Ren & Stimpy. Incredible time to be a teenager.

  • If you could delete the work of one musical artist or group from everyone’s collective consciousness, who would it be?

The Black Eyed Peas. Their music is an atrocity and a full frontal assault with bayonets on humankind. We’re all worse for ever having heard it. It burns me on all six senses – that’s right, not only does it bother all of my regular human senses, but it bothers me on a level I can’t even comprehend yet.

Answering Questions from Megan

  • If you could wear any video game/Movie characters’ outfit for a day (male or female) whose would you choose and why?

I’ll be honest – cosplay is not my thing. I’ll go with Kratos because I prefer to be shirtless, particularly when I’m around my wife, usually after lifting.

  • Which song would play during the credits in a movie about your life?

Symphony X – The Odyssey. Not because I’m anything like Odysseus, but the tone of the different sections of the song could represent different parts of my life. Plus, the song is 24 minutes long which is a great length of time for a movie about my life.

  • Which scene in a movie/tv show always makes you laugh?

When Michael Scott declares bankruptcy.

  • What did you get for Christmas?

My wife got me a new blogging machine! I needed a small tablet and she got me an ASUS Transformer Mini. Super cool little tablet with a keyboard.

  • (weird question) Do you have any weird talents?

I do this thing where I tap my fingers on my leg (or mouse, or keyboard, or table, steering wheel, etc) to whatever music I’m listening to, with pinpoint accuracy. Like I can easily recreate any beat, be it on drums, guitar, whatever, with my fingers. It’s think it’s some weird “tick” I developed accidentally from playing too much Guitar Hero back in college. To this day, I roll and tap my fingers in a way that would follow the buttons on the guitar from Guitar Hero. I saw someone post a video of themselves doing this a few months back but I can’t seem to find it – the only “tapping” videos are of people actually tapping on guitars.

My Questions

  1. What animal would you come back as in your next life?
  2. Favorite music album to listen to, straight through?
  3. What dish is your favorite to cook?
  4. Fondest memory of your younger years?
  5. What triggers your nostalgia?

My Nominees

I sure hope I don’t pick anyone who has already been nominated for this, but if I do, count it as even more flattery!

The 3rd Player – Fun looks back of classic games from NES and SNES, as well as takes on modern games.

Home Button – Lots of cool content including Photo Mode posts which play out like photography posts, but from in-game photo mode systems.

Not Quite Reviews – Excellent reads on modern gaming and technology. He’s also on a similar journey as me – stopping to play the games he already owns!

AlunaRL – Hailing from the Netherlands, this guy writes about games across all genres, and also has an awesome Twitch channel.

Thanks again Scott and Megan! Nominees, have fun!


  1. I’m also a huge metal fan. Been awhile since anything worthwhile has toured around me, but I hope to get to a show soon. I’m also really digging Emperor of Sand, and I’ve also gone back and listened to a lot of Gojira lately.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Link to the Past is a great game, although I like Link’s Awakening and Ocarina a tiny bit more. I wish I had the drive to workout. Sadly I struggle to find time to play games so I wouldn’t want to sacrifice that to do exercise. At least I try to keep my weight under control with diet.


  3. To leave a real and tangible comment here- first off, congratulations! I’ve been loving the stuff you’ve been writing, and you’ve made it easier to feel comfortable trying to enter the gaming blog community so without being too complimentary- well deserved!

    Also, thanks for the nomination! As someone who also has a hard time taking compliments, it might take me some time to come up with a good response, too, so- I totally empathize with everything you said.

    Awesome getting to read your answers, too. It’s pretty cool getting to know the folks behind these blogs, so thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Weight training is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you’re able! So many people go on about cardio, which is important of course, but they forget about weight training. When I was able to do dance aerobics, we did 40 minutes of that and 20-25 minutes of weights. I loved it because it was a nice balance.

    I’ve actually heard of Animals as Leaders! One of the YouTubers I follow used to use their music in his podcasts (with their permission), but he stopped because YT kept flagging his stuff for copyright.

    Congrats on the award!

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  5. Metal!!!

    I think we talked bass stuff before but didn’t know you were such a metal head, that’s awesome! I absolutely love Mastodon and Crack the Skye is easily one of my fav albums ever.

    Since you’e also into death metal, check out a song called Eaten by Bloodbath. My guitar player pointed me to it. The singer is the same guy from Opeth it’s pretty damn catchy for a death metal song and retains the gruesome content death metal songs have, and it’s an interesting take on death metal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • First of – man, the new Mastodon album has been blowing my mind. Been listening to Crack the Skye and Blood Mountain on repeat for months now, but Emperer of Sand is terrific and starts out stroong.

      Checked out that entire album by Bloodbath and DAMN that is brutal! I love it. Put like half the album into my workout playlist lol. Big Opeth fan too, the only thing that keeps me from listening to them more is so many of their songs are (in my opinion) packed with “down time” aka warming the song up. When I need metal, I need it now! Haha

      Great to talk with a fellow metalhead!

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      • glad you liked it, and yes, Mastodon’s new album is killer. I particular love Steambreather and Jaguar God, soooo good!


  6. It’s weird being called Megan on here now! I love your answers! I hope the wine rack is the first of many projects, it’s a really cool hobby. I have actually always wanted to do a genderbent Kratos cosplay but if you don’t have incredible abs/muscles it looks a bit crap. I do have abs but they’re not quite that defined so I wouldn’t be as confident as you!

    Seems like I’m in the minority here but I actually quite like The Black Eyed Peas early stuff… I don’t like later stuff though, that got really clubby and annoying. Once I got a lift from someone that played ‘Don’t stop that party’ on a loop for 45 minutes (I wish I was joking)… It was absolute torture.


  7. Congratulations on a double award! 🎉

    I’m totally with you on the whole Black Eyed Peas thing. Whenever I hear one of their songs, I get an overwhelming urge to smash something…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love how the response to my musical destruction has gone over so well! Of course, there’s always the chance that one of my readers has a Black Eyed Peas shrine in their room and I just made an enemy… :O


      • Hang on a minute… you mean… there are people out there who actually *like* that music?


        (For anyone who really does have a Black Eyed Peas shrine: JOKING!)


  8. I’m so glad you were recognized here! Well-deserved indeed! Congratulations to you, your nominators, and your nominees!

    You had me laughing out loud about the Black-Eyed Peas. I feel that way about them and so many other artists out there. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with such vehement frustration/anger in my heart for some forms of music.


  9. Very well-deserved my good man. Thanks for your entertaining answers, I’m tempted to agree with your choice of artist you would like removed from the earth, Black Eyed Peas suuuuck.


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