Where’s Geddy Been!?

Well, it seems everyone on the WordPress parts is busy these days! Which is great, honestly – being the summer time, I hope everyone is taking advantage of the warm weather! After all, it’ll be cold and miserable again before we know it, and then we’ll be wishing it was warm and.. well, “the grass is always greener” and all that!

That being said, seeing so many “sorry I’ve been MIA for two months!” posts lately has made me realize that it’s not just me, and weirdly enough that makes me feel less guilty about disappearing so suddenly.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a steady blogging schedule. To be honest, so much of  daily life is checking my watch and adhering to a schedule, and a slavish devotion to a calendar has pushed me to eradicate scheduling anything that is supposed to be done for fun. While looking back at my post history from years past, it blows my mind just how much I was able to get written on a weekly basis, despite having just bought a house last summer and with a pending wedding that took place last October. Really, I have no idea how I managed all of that, while also writing guest pieces elsewhere.

If “last-summer Geddy” could help out “present-time Geddy” and explain how he was able to bend time, that’d be great…

In all seriousness though, the summer time is a time of relaxing, taking vacations, and most importantly for me, being super active. I love the winter and the downtime it provides, but unfortunately the winters seem to be getting only longer in the area that I live, and staying inside makes me freaking insane, so I make sure I’ve always got something physical going on. Gaming does admittedly take a big backseat in the warm weather, and generally only exists if I’m on a bus or it’s nighttime.

If you remember a few months back, I mentioned that I was looking for a new job after six years with my previous employer, and while I absolutely adore my new job and the motivation it’s brought me back into creating, the output of this creative motivation hasn’t been in the form of writing, it’s been in web development!

So if I’m not gaming as much, and I’m doing web development at night… well, one can surmise the opportunity to write stuff doesn’t really exist. My new job doesn’t afford me the ability to write during office hours, aside from short breaks where I can blast out some words, but the degree of thought I used to put into an article is tough to hit.

There’s a sweet spot of caffeine-intake and free time where I wrote 99.9% of my articles, particularly reviews. But now, that time of day is during peak work time, and my new job is far more demanding on deliverables. I learn a ton at this job, but boy is it challenging, especially compared to the very casual nature of my last job. Add to that, I need to be here earlier, and I’ve actually lost about 2 additional hours out of my day-to-day. Those hours were typically writing hours – gone, they’re straight up gone.

That being said, I still need to take a break from side-development work, for my own sanity, so while I’ll still put some words together now and again, the long pieces are currently out of the question, barring the rare Saturday where it’s a) raining, and b) I have no previous plans. The odds of those two things happening are like the stars aligning, but occasionally I make it work.

I feel like this post took a turn towards bad news, which wasn’t the point at all – merely a “catch up” with your boy Geddy. Let’s talk some good stuff, though!

Project Gameshelf!

As I mentioned above, the trade-off of my creative energy refocus is that while I may not be writing nearly as much anymore, I have begun working on an exciting project that is specifically targeted towards my readership – Project Gameshelf!

The premise is simple – as digital games continue to explode, I decided there needed to be a cool way for gamers to organize their digital collections. What actually started as a project many years ago under the same name, has been given new life and a renewed concept. The technology exists in far better form than it did 9 years ago on my first attempt at a site like this, and I can’t wait to show you all what I have in store.

If you’re even vaguely interested in Project Gameshelf, do yourself a favor and go follow the development blog as well. It’s a little on the tech side but intended to still be interesting to non-developers, and more of a way to stay up to date on the progress. Exciting things are in the pipeline!

What’s Geddy Playing?

This year has been simply incredible for gaming. I started off by not buying games for the first 6 months, then diving right into Switch games, some fun Vita games, and I’ve come full circle, right back to my 3DS.

Currently I am enjoying:

  • WarioWare Gold (3DS)
  • Severed (3DS)
  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross (3DS)
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch)

I’ll blast out a couple blurbs on these games at some point, but right now I’m just enjoying the ride. The Switch has provided me tons of fun this summer with Yoku’s Island Express and Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, but with Little Dragon’s Cafe and Monster Hunter Switch right around the corner, I’ve decided to play a few 3DS games I’ve been wanting to check out.

Thanks for reading this rambly catch-up piece! Hope to have more content for you all soon πŸ™‚


  1. Good to de you! Yeah I know, the Summer definitely has an effect on the time spent playing and writing. But I think your work schedule will influence it most in future. I know all about it. Sometimes it’s just like a juggling act lol!

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