Settings Up Diva Presets in Hatsune Miku Project Megamix/Mega39s

My last post went crazy with traffic, and it dawned on me that there is quite a thirst for us non-Japanese-reading folks who still want to play Project Megamix before the English language version comes out.

What I left out of the first post was the simple concept of customizing your Diva Presets, so I’ll attempt to rectify that here!

…what is going on here?

You are allowed 3 custom setups, and each setup consists of a Diva (Miku, Kaito, Lin, etc) a module (t-shirt/appearance), and additions (glasses and hats, backpacks, etc). This is how I’ve set mine up.

  • Preset 1 – Miku
    • Snow Miku module
    • Custom t-shirt #1
    • Aviator glasses
    • Hanging Miku backpack
  • Preset 2 – Miku
    • Pink hair module
    • Gas mask
    • Angel wings
  • Preset 3 – Kaito
    • Santa Suit module
    • Pirate hat

Each of these presets can be toggled between by pressing the R3 button, in song selection mode or on the customization screen. On both screens you can see the chosen preset, on the bottom-right on Song Selection, and on the top-right on Customization:

Pictured above is the song selection screen – you’d only see the bottom right preset. Upon pressing R3 you can toggle between all of your other presets. 1, 2, 3. You will notice that there is one other option that you’ll see:

This option roughly means “Specific Song”, and can be used to customize your modules for that song only. Also, see the floating numbers? Those are active characters in the song you are customization for.

Now, you can switch between each character you’re customizing for that preset. You press L and R to rotate between each character. So, each preset can look like the following:

Preset 1

  • Miku (with customizations)
  • Keito (with customizations)
  • Meiko (with customization)
  • …etc

Preset 2

  • Miku (with customizations)
  • Keito (with customizations)
  • Meiko (with customization)
  • …etc

Preset 3

  • Miku (with customizations)
  • Keito (with customizations)
  • Meiko (with customization)
  • …etc

In essence, each preset can unique customizations for every available character. As some songs utilize multiple Divas, you can keep presets for everybody, or you can go the other route and customize for each song specifically.

I hope this helped clear up anything with how the presets work! It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but it’s hard to screw anything up. Good luck!

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