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3DS Games I Couldn’t Get Into

A sad reality of the hobby of video game playing is that sooner or later you’re going to get burned by a bad purchase. Hopefully it was some piece of crap you got in an Indie Bundle, but sometimes it was a legit, full price purchase that you were […]

What Has Geddy Been Up To?

I last wrote about 37 months ago, and it was on the subject of Pokemon, and how I’d gotten sucked into Pokemon X after a decade and a half hiatus. Well folks, I’m here to report that the obsession is still snowballing, racing downhill while murdering skiiers and smashing […]

Two Weeks of Owning a Nintendo 3DS

I’ve been trying to post more for a few weeks now, but between being unable to get myself to finish my previous Banjo-Tooie article (so, in exactly the same way it was difficult to fucking finish the game in the first place) and what I’m writing about today, it’s […]

A Few Words About Banjo-Tooie

In my never-ending crusade to take out a large backlog of video games, I recently moved on to the Nintendo 64, a system that admittedly didn’t age too well, but then again still was pretty playable. I splurged $20 on a used controller because all of mine evidently grew […]