My Projects

As much as I’d love to play and write about video games for a living, I’m currently a full-time web developer, specializing in frontend JavaScript frameworks (Vuejs being my favorite because it is the best one) and Nodejs on the backend. Here are some of my side projects I’ve developed, from newest to oldest.

Nintendo Switch Screenshot Manager (NSSM)

Written for cross-platform compatibility using Electronjs, this app was written as a solution to a problem I was having. Importing Nintendo Switch screenshots is a huge pain, and while there are a few decent command line tools available, I wanted to create something for people who weren’t comfortable in a terminal. Behold, the Nintendo Switch Screenshot Manager, for easy importing of screenshots and videos from your Switch’s SD card.


I love looking up song lyrics, but lyrics sites may be some of the worst offenders when it comes to ads, trackers, and general awful-ness on the web. I built Spotify Karaoke so that it can be bookmarked on your phone, and quickly opened, where it would automatically pull in lyrics for whatever you’re playing on Spotify.


I went to make a “top games of the decade” type of list in December of 2019, but I found there wasn’t a great resource for easily listing out games by release date and by console. Sure, you can find thousands of “top games of 2016” lists, but they all end up being about the same, and it’s naturally easy to overlook hidden gems.

This was a two-part project, with the first part being a web scraper that could extract data from tables on Wikipedia (written haphazardly in Nodejs for the sake of getting the data over), and the frontend using Vue (primarily Vuex for the data storage). This is another convenience project for myself, easy to bookmark and built mobile-first, so it looks terrific and clean on even the smallest mobile devices.

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