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“What’s in Geddy’s Hand?” March Edition!

Welcome to the first in a new segment, “What’s In Geddy’s Hand?” the ambiguously named installment where I tell you about the handheld games that have been keeping me occupied, entertained, and most importantly, distracted from my real-life obligations. As I’ve mentioned before, my playing style is usually playing one […]

Killzone Mercenary: I Can’t Do This Anymore

I grew up loving first-person shooters – your Quakes, your Unreal Tournaments, what have you. More recently, Quake Live was a literal blast from the past. Doom 2016 is an incredible callback to the generation of action-packed strafing and murdering everything around you with little to no regard for your […]

How Sony Killed the Playstation Vita

Happy Monday, people. I wanted to kick off this week with a rather ranty piece about my newest love, the Playstation Vita, and talk about all the ways that Sony tried (and failed) to keep us apart. Source. It take all of 30 seconds to find all sorts of […]