Month: September 2016

Are We About To See Smaller Open Worlds?

For me, the obsession with procedural generation started back in 2011 with the release of Skyrim. One of the most touted features of the game was how it had virtually ‘unlimited quests,’ due to it’s new Radiant Story artificial intelligence system. It was the first of it’s kind! And maybe […]

Why I Don’t Like Game Emulation

The world of game emulation has evolved over the past decade or so to provide near-flawless execution of classic hardware. As complex as hardware emulation actually is, to the normal user, the allure of being able to play all of their favorite childhood games, for free, is reason enough […]

Morning Amiibo Madness!

My recent Amazon order got here today, and I still can’t believe the haul I netted for $22 dollars. The prices of amiibo change like the tides, and I managed to get very lucky and score the entire new amiibo line released alongside Kirby: Planet Robobot. My favorite […]

Thoughts on the Nintendo Direct!

It’s not surprising that I loved everything I heard at the Direct that just ended, mainly because I’m still half asleep after reading predictions of what I would hear until all hours of the night. Actually, let me go make a coffee first so this doesn’t turn out terrible. Be back. […]