Month: February 2017

DOOM 2016 is a Bloody Good Time

I’ve been holding off for a sale on a Collector’s Edition of DOOM 2016 for about 6 months now, but upon finding a physical copy in the crappy Walmart PC game section for a measly $20, I had to pull the trigger. It’s $60 for a digital copy, for […]

Nintendo Switch: 1 Week To Go!

It’s one week to the Switch launch and my nipples are hard as diamonds, people. I am majority excited yet a strange calm has washed over me. I feel like it’s the last week of 5th grade before summer vacation. On the morning of Friday, March 3rd, of which […]

Final Fantasy X: Did We Pass My Stop?

I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships. The common theme between all of them is that they started out great. The beginning part to a romantic relationship is arguably the best part, everything is new and fresh and exciting – little innocuous quirks about each other only serve […]

“Hue” Review + Steam Key Giveaway!

UPDATE: The contest is over and the winner was announced. Check out the follow-up article here. Hey hey, happy beginning of the weeks, folks! Please forgive my morning cheer – I know it can be overwhelming to see such radiating positivity on a Monday morning, but I’ll balance […]