Gamers Need to Realize Something

Earlier yesterday, the price that Nintendo will charge for the online component of the Switch was revealed, or at least in Japanese currency. The rough number for the US Dollar is presumed to be between $17-$26, depending on the exchange rate and whatever fluff Nintendo adds on top. This has been met with rejoice, anger, and the obligatory “but it’s free on PC!”

Let’s all take a step back for one moment, because this has been bothering me lately.

I’ve had a lot of discussions recently pertaining to the pros and cons of modern gaming. There are plenty of things about it that I wish I could change, and things are far from perfect and how they were in “the good ol’ days.” Charging for online connectivity and services is a gray area where I generally shake my head and say, “yeah, no thanks.” But we all collectively need to realize something: it’s there because you voted for it.

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