What is “NostalgiaTrigger”?

I’ve been getting an elevated level of traffic recently, and as I’ve been spending more time on the site trying to crank out some quality content, something hit me. The name Nostalgia Trigger – do people even know why this blog is called that? I follow a ton of blogs with these great names that have some relation to gaming in general, yet here mine sits with a name that can easily be used for a broad spectrum of site topics. Board games, old commercials, theme park rides, video games, you name it!

I think the reason I gave it that name, and why I created the blog in the first place, is worth bringing up, if for no other reason than to give my limited number of readers my perspective and learn a little “behin the scenes.” Here it goes!

Since I was in my early 20s, I’ve always been that kind of person who starts off sentences with “remember that time..?” Reminiscing is like a hobby to me. I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t like that, but as far back as I can remember I always loved thinking about “the good ol’ days.” Here I am a few decades in, and still, the best feeling I can experience is feeling like a kid again. I’m seriously an old man.

I have lots of friends who are into gaming, but truth be told, I don’t talk gaming very much, if at all in real life. I found myself contributing to discussions on specialized subreddits, but I always loved the concept of blogging. In my opinion, modern “journalism” on the topic of gaming is garbage, existing only to get clicks, serve ads, and make money, and content aggregators and comment sections are straight poison. But blogs are the antithesis of company-sponsored journalism: just one person talking about a thing they like, and nothing more.

I found lots of cool gaming blogs that wrote great content, introduced me to new things, having actual respectful conversations (something that can be very lacking on Reddit where the community is generally young), and overall having a good time talking about games. Sites like My RPG BlogThat Extra Level!, Mr. Oliver, and Seven Florins (sure hope they all don’t mind me plugging them) were daily visits, and a huge inspiration to starting this blog, which now sits at almost 80 posts over the past year.

Finally I realized, why not me? I wanted to create something that was exactly curated to my liking, and in short, that is ultimately why I went and created this blog: for myself. To be my own nostalgia trigger, so I can come here any time to reminisce about the good ol’ days. Everything from the banner to the content is intended to be positive and fun, and on the internet, which is so full of the opposite. You won’t even find ads here – I pay $100 a year to get rid of the WordPress ads so this can be a clear space free of the intrusion of marketing. My only motivation to post is to make myself and my readers happy.

And that’s it! Pretty simple reason, yeah? Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a little about me. I’ve got some good (less personal) stuff coming up soon that I’ve been cranking away at and I’m real excited to share, especially focusing on nostalgia. Stay tuned!


  1. […] I bought my used OG Nintendo 3DS a few years ago because I was on a bit of a nostalgia trip following the surprise passing of my grandfather back in July of 2015. Not handling it well at all, I went back and started to play through older games from my childhood that I had never completed, I guess as a way to connect to the “good ol’ days” of being a young kid, trying to escape the current situation. As video games can be terrific devices for escapism, it worked, and nostalgia practically became my addiction. In fact, it became the reason for starting this very blog. […]


  2. Love that post! It’s great to dig deeper into the meaning of your blog’s name. I’m sure a lot of gamers can relate to that sweet feeling of nostalgia when thinking of games past, especially in North-America. Let’s face it, things were a lot crappier for us Europeans; and when it comes to gaming, I can safely claim that my formative years were lacklustre and full of frustration and that my best gaming times ever are right now.

    Maybe you know the meaning of my own blog’s name already, but it doesn’t hurt to give a reminder: That Extra Level is obviously a reference to level-grinding in RPGs and to that transe-like state where you find yourself grinding to get just one more level… then another… and so on, that extra level you’re chasing being always more alluring than the one you just got.

    I don’t see any reason why I should be offended that you’re plugging my blog. On the contrary, I thank you profusely. And congratulations for the increased traffic! I also noticed that you’ve been getting more comments lately, which is great. ^___^


    • Isleif – from reading your blog the past year, I have concluded that you are definitely fond of the grinding! 🙂 I think it’s popular in gaming due to basic human nature wanting to see some sort of progress – the same reason people like doing hobbies all the time, part of some natural desire to optimize and get better at something. Seeing literal numerical increases in HP/MP/hit damage is rewarding in itself.

      And thanks for the congratulations! It’s given me some motivation to write some more content 🙂


    • Thanks Nick! I’m feeling more like a kid every day, and the fact that a new Nintendo console AND a new Zelda game will be delivered to me house in three weeks is almost more than I can handle.

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