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Where’s Geddy Been!?

Well, it seems everyone on the WordPress parts is busy these days! Which is great, honestly – being the summer time, I hope everyone is taking advantage of the warm weather! After all, it’ll be cold and miserable again before we know it, and then we’ll be wishing […]

Breaking the Curse of “Gamer’s Block”

As my pending nuptials creep inside the “one month to go” mark, I’ve found myself very distracted from gaming, blogging, and blogging about gaming, aside from the occasional burst of motivation. And as ill-timed as this may be, I’ve also been suffering through a rough bout of Gamer’s Block! […]

Sun-Burned and Back From Vacation!

Following an hour-long car ride to the airport, a 2.5 hour flight, a 20-minute Uber ride, and a 45 minute drive, I’m finally home from vacation, sun-burned and with the worst tan you’ve ever seen. I mean I look like I said “watch me get the shittiest tan you’ve […]