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Updates regarding this blog.

Introducing: Nintendo Switch Screenshot Manager!

Today I’m happy to announce a very early release of an app I’ve been working on to simplify importing Nintendo Switch screenshots. Free for all and available on ALL operating systems.

Where’s Geddy Been!?

Well, it seems everyone on the WordPress parts is busy these days! Which is great, honestly – being the summer time, I hope everyone is taking advantage of the warm weather! After all, it’ll be cold and miserable again before we know it, and then we’ll be wishing […]

Thai’ing the Knot!

Well it happened, and I’m a married man! The wedding, reception, and honeymoon couldn’t have rocked any harder or gone any smoother – they simply were an absolute blast. What I remember of them, anyway. Not that I spent the days drinking heavily, but moderate drinking spread over […]

A Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Why¬†hello there folks, it’s Geddy here, Geddy from NostalgiaTrigger. I have two confessions for you today: 1) I have major writer’s block lately, and 2) I’ve been super busy. If the two things were ingredients in a recipe, that recipe would be for “mental turmoil” and it would […]