Post-Holiday Update / Complaining!

Well I’m back from a Fourth of July weekend trip across the country, and I am officially behind in every conceivable way!

I’ve tried to catch up on all the WordPress notifications that have come through, while also being able to put out something of interest myself. I have totally dropped the ball on both fronts.

My (formerly) broken hand has made far more of a dent in my blogging than I thought it would. Between work, working out, commuting to work, new homeownership, a wedding in three months, gaming itself, and my many other hobbies, finding time to write long articles is already tough. At least if I want it to be substantial and read relatively well. Now factor in that I cannot type three words without a typo, and I’ve run into a major issue: blogging has turned from a fun activity to an exercise in frustration, practically overnight.

To understand what I mean, take the Geddy Challenge and type your next post with only your non-dominant hand, which for me is the left. Things you will probably notice:

  • Typing with one hand really sucks and takes forever
  • Your brain tends to think much much faster than you can type with only one hand, meaning you constantly skip words and have to manually go back and fix sentences
  • You can’t use a mouse well at all with your non-dominant hand, so articles that require research (switching tabs, skipping around in videos, etc) simply takes forever. I’m talking ages to do anything, especially if you’re a speed-tasker like myself
  • In your head, you want to say something, but you mentally “talk” yourself out of it because it will take too long to type
  • You constantly lose train of thought
  • You forget what you’re trying to type mid-way through a sentence. For example, the last point that was supposed to be here.

I don’t have that much time at the end of the night which, after dinner, usually starts around 10:30. My patience is completely gone, and getting frustrated trying to type out a single sentence is not fun, when I could just be gaming. If this article has stressed you out to read, you can imagine how I feel wanting to say more, but being unable to keep attention long enough to finish anything.

This article started as me trying to list out what I’ve been playing lately, but took a turn for what you’ve just read – it’s totally overwhelmed me trying to catch up to my previous 2-3 posts per week, while still reading everyone else’s great work.


This Friday, my soft-cast will come off and the stitches get removed. Assuming the surgery / bionic plate installation has been healing well (which based on the complete lack of pain, basically guarantees that it has), my surgeon should be putting me in another soft, yet removable cast. This means that I will finally be able to type a little bit easier with two hands again. My current cast restricts how much I can move my right hand, which is why typing is such a massive chore.

The whole surgery should be 100% rehabilitated in 4-6 weeks, and as of today, I am one week down. My pinky finger moves decently but still points downward as the ligaments heal. Unfortunately it hits keys constantly. Oh god it’s so frustrating.

I’d like to resume my regular posting schedule as soon as possible, but at the same time wanted to keep everyone posted as to why I’ve been so quiet. I apologize for the complaining, but boy did that feel good to let out!

I hope all you folks in the US had a terrific and safe Fourth holiday void of any broken fifth metacarpals, and all of you outside the US had a terrific and safe normal week! Stay tuned.


  1. yea i’m gonna pass on the challenge to 😉

    get better soon, i myself have fallen behind a bit in catching up on everyones blog (the magic number i keep hitting is 4 days) so i feel for ya in that department.


    • Haha, I don’t advise against it! And thank you – a frustrating post to write but couldn’t stand feeling like I abandoned the blog!


  2. Geddy Challenge, eh? I’m tempted, but your description of how unpleasant it is was pretty vivid…here’s hoping your recovery goes smoothly and you’ll be back in full swing soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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