State of the Union / Gaming Goals for the Foreseeable Future!

Nothing’s worse than a gaming itch you can’t scratch, and for me that itch has been something to supplement the bulk of my gaming time, which is being spent on Monster Hunter 4. I am absolutely loving the shit out of this game.

There are tons of games out there, but I tend to compartmentalize everything in my life, and as for the “games that I’m currently playing” department, things do not enter this space so easily. And there isn’t a lot of space, at that. If it was a literal compartment, it’d probably be a glovebox in a Formula 1 race car.

I had jumped the gun on starting a Fire Emblem game, after finding out that one exists on the Gamecube! And since my Wii is modded and I can play backups, I was able to secure a ROM. Which is good, because this game is over a fucking $100 on eBay. I loaded it up and gave it a shot, and I’ll be damned, I was actually enjoying the gameplay.

To be fair, I’d played a demo of Awakening on the 3DS, so I had a good idea of the gameplay, but questioned the longevity of this pattern. Long story, lots of dialogue, battle. Long story, lots of dialogue, battle. Could this possibly hold my attention for so long? I figured starting with a copy of Path of Radiance might be a good test.

It held me for a few nights, logged 3 hours or so, but then I spent an hour in a battle and lost Ike accidentally. Lost progress for the whole fight. I got really frustrated. Seriously – there aren’t too many reasons that would make me leave a game permanently. Wasting my time is basically 93% of those reasons. And an avoidable death, even if due to my own stupidity, is enough to make me not want to pick up a game again. In my head, I’m just replaying all the shit I’d have to do to get back what I lost, and that is not fun to me, that’s work.

Needless to say, I haven’t booted up Path of Radiance in two days.

But when one game leaves the gaming glove compartment, another one enters. And that game…. is Dark Cloud 2.

Bought a copy used for $10 years ago, sold it a few months ago for $50 on eBay. But luckily I had made a backup of it before shipping it off. A few hours later configuring PCSX2 and I had a fully working emulator, taking advantage of my new video card. Out with the old, in with the new!


…and there ya have it! After all that typing, I am out of breathe. Though I’m not totally sure how they’re related at all.

Gaming Goals for the Next 6 Months

  • Dark Cloud 2 – I’d love to beat this one. It has a very high rating on HowLongToBeat of nearly 75 hours, so we’ll see how it goes. No reason I can’t make it happen though.
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – This one doesn’t end, so it’s going to be on the front lines for a while. Just ticked 22 hours on it with no end in sight.
  • Pokemon Yellow – 3 more badges to go, but realizing my team needs some work. Planning on finishing this one, calling it quits after the Elite Four. I am definitely seeing the pacing issues that I remember so fondly. Badges 1-4 took 10 hours, and I’m now in hour 18 and I’ve only gotten one more badge.
  • Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – Currently on the 4th world, second level. It’s fun but tough to play for long spurts due to being a liiittle bit repetitive. Can’t imagine how fun this would be with four players though!

I think these are pretty low goals for the foreseeable future, but the combination of one really long game and one that never ends doesn’t spell out lots of room for expansion, if you ask me. Once I knock out Yellow and Four Swords I’ll feel a lot less overwhelmed. I don’t generally play more than 3 games at a time (and usually I’ll pick 3 totally different games), so this is a rare occasion for me. We shall see!

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