3DS eShop – Dragon Fantasy: Black Tomb of Ice

It’s 1:34am, Friday morning. I just paid $10 for Dragon Fantasy: Black Tomb of Ice.  What’s Dragon Fantasy? Truth be told, I have no idea, outside of a few brief reviews I skimmed though.Dragon-Fantasy.jpg

Why’s this worth a new post? Well, I don’t do this sort of thing often. But for the life of me, I have been dreadfully bored with the offering on my 3DS. Today, this game launched on the eShop, not only on portable, but also on the WiiU. Reviews are in short supply, but word had it that the original game released on iOS and Android did pretty well, and that the second installment offered nothing but improvements on the former.

Yeah, that’s how desperate I am to give something new a shot.

I’m guesstimating at this point, but I’d say that a solid 10 weeks has passed without me giving so much as a second pass over the eShop offerings. Not even the sales have grabbed my attention: the simple truth is that I don’t have any interest in what the eShop has to offer at this moment. This game, however, piqued my interest.

That being said, a copy of it is mine now. Stay tuned for a review of some sort.

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