Sun-Burned and Back From Vacation!

Following an hour-long car ride to the airport, a 2.5 hour flight, a 20-minute Uber ride, and a 45 minute drive, I’m finally home from vacation, sun-burned and with the worst tan you’ve ever seen. I mean I look like I said “watch me get the shittiest tan you’ve ever seen,” and then called Guinness World Records to come verify it, and they said, “yep, that’s definitely the worst we’ve seen,” then gave me a diploma or whatever you get for setting a world record. It looks like I fired a cannon of really low quality sunscreen at my body, hastily spread it around in blotchy disarray, then laid in a tanning bed for forever.

The face of a man who doesn’t know the next 15 showers are gonna be brutal.

But second degree burns aside, I am relaxed and excited to get back to writing some stuff! While on vacation I received a nomination from none other than Robert of Adventure Rules to participate in a blogging challenge, which is a first to me. Unexpectedly seeing your name in a blog you read is cool, but getting a glimpse into someone’s blog’s history and learning you have a lot more in common is even cooler. A huge thank you to Robert for that nomination – it is at the top of my to-write list!

This is a strange time for me to post, as it’s almost midnight on Saturday morning here on the east coast, but I wanted to get something out as a general update to what I’ve got planned for the foreseeable future.

First of all, a quick note on my gaming progress – I finally finished Final Fantasy X! I’ve mentioned it a couple of times I think, but I thought that damn game would never end. I probably won’t end up writing a review of it, because although I enjoyed the game overall, my previous gripe-fest on the matter does my opinion more justice than another article ever could. I’ve moved on from it, I’m glad I finally knocked it off my bucket list, count it.

I also finished 100%’ing Kirby: Planet Robobot, which is just an incredible game in every regard. Lately it’s been all Breath of the Wild, Fast RMX, Blaster Master Zero, and some small games thrown in on the side.

On the topic of my upcoming posts, the Nintendo Switch is, as expected, the trending topic these days, and if statistics mean anything, it’s that people want more Switch stuff right now. I’ve got two more articles in the pipeline that are near completion on that subject, and then I’ll be switching back to something a little more.. nostalgic!

That’s right – I’ve got a new three-part mini-series that is currently in its infancy, but that I’m super excited to write and share with you all. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of researching it so far and I think it’s going to be a defining installment of Nostalgia Trigger for the foreseeable future. Getting back on the topic of nostalgia and callbacks to gaming culture of yesteryear is important to me, because as much as I love talking handhelds and Nintendo, it’s not really the focus of this blog. I’ve always thought of this site as pretty fluid when it comes to topic, but I’d like to change styles and write about something, and put on hold my opinions on everything.

Anyway, that’s all I got in me for a quick update at this strange hour. It’s time to rest my brain. Stay tuned for some new stuff, folks!


  1. Thanks for the mention! Looking forward to seeing your first post and the new series you’ve got in the works!


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