All Video Games By Year – a Website I Made

Not only is the end of the year the time for “best of” articles, but the end of a decade is even more worth celebrating.

It’s been a long decade filled with just all kinds of shit in and out of the gaming industry, and while it’s been truly depressing watching my oldest hobby crash and burn and be further exploited by giant corporations, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom.

Around this time you’ll probably see a lot of “best games of the decade” lists coming out. Quite possibly, if you’re a blogger yourself, you may also be coming up with your own. Well today I’m here to introduce a site I whipped up in a couple of hours to help myself with the same process.

Fast, mobile-friendly, and quick to use, it lets you pick your year(s) and console(s), and quickly get a full list of every game released given those parameters. No ads, no trackers, no nonsense.

It’s a utility I made entirely myself for my own purposes, but throw it on your bookmarks list – one day you might find yourself needed to know which PSP games were released in 2010, or whether Playstation or Nintendo 64 had better game releases in 1996.

Hope someone out there finds it useful!


    • Thanks Gabe, yeah it required a few nights! Mostly from the manual work. I actually just finished building the Wikipedia table scraper that will let me go back and add years pre-2007, so hopefully I’ll be able to wrap it up soon.

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        • Hi Gabe – you might be interested to know that I just added the entire archive of Super Nintendo + Sega Saturn games. I’ve got Gamecub and Nintendo scraped as well and will try to have it migrated by later tonight. Currently the archive goes back to 1991, except there is a gap from 1998-2007 where I will add PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gameboy Advance, etc.

          Thanks for checking it out!

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    • Thanks! I’m still working on getting pre-2007 taken care of, but that whole project has taken on a mind of its own.

      My goal is that all video games released _ever_ will be on there, as well as search capabilities. Hopefully it comes in handy if you ever need to make a list, or just see what you might have missed!


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