A Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Why hello there folks, it’s Geddy here, Geddy from NostalgiaTrigger.

I have two confessions for you today: 1) I have major writer’s block lately, and 2) I’ve been super busy. If the two things were ingredients in a recipe, that recipe would be for “mental turmoil” and it would taste like hot garbage.

Truth be told, between the wedding planning, working on the new house, and attending other weddings, time has not been free enough to grant me the ability to write much about games! But let’s take a look at what else is going on in my life right now, relevant to the blog.

Magin’ it Up

Currently, I am trying to find time to finish up my third 3DS review over at The Well-Red Mage headquarters. I have decided to put a major focus on 3DS titles, as they are a little under-represented over there, and it’s become abundantly obvious that Nintendo intends on supporting the system for quite some time. I feel it is my sacred duty to get the word out on the 3DS as much as possible for those who might have missed the boat. I also enjoy writing about 3DS games because it’s my favorite console of all time, and I’m extremely passionate about the games on it.

I was never much into writing long-form reviews, but I’ve found it quite enjoyable spending time taking meticulous notes while playing through these three titles, and then writing long reviews about them! It’s made me realize that I get more enjoyment and “life” out of a game when I analyze it while I’m playing it.

I loved Ever Oasis and writing the review was a blast, and more recently I released a review on an eShop-only title Urban Trial Freestyle 2 that I was truly proud of. Please go check both of them out if you have not, and if you like reading long things!

Of course, keeping up with Newton’s third law, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Writing these long reviews is extremely time-consuming, and as time has been short, I’ve had to either cut time writing or gaming. Cutting time gaming has the side effect of having less motivation to write.

There’s also the issue that it’s tough to write with any semblance of quality when time is freed up for me, which is usually late night – for example, it’s 10:18pm where I live. My hand has healed up, and my doctor has cleared me to resume gym activity, and so lifting now takes up an hour and a half each day on top of everything else.

For all those reasons, following the release of my third review on The Well-Red Mage, I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus from the long-form review writing until after I’m back from the honeymoon. October 14th can’t come soon enough! I’m ecstatic and can’t wait. Particularly for the honeymoon. And the return of sanity.

If you’ve read this far, hear my words: please send help. I’m accepting all forms of mind-altering chemicals. I’ve lost my mind. Wedding planning is insane. Whisky is preferred. I’m also babysitting my father in-law’s five-pound poodle and she crapped all over my kitchen. I’m dying over here, you guys.

Sorry, had a moment!

Anyway, do stay tuned for my third release at The Well-Red Mage, I’m extremely proud of it so far and can’t wait to get it out there!

Gamin’ it Up

Currently I’m in the midst of wrapping up Hey! Pikmin. I’ve really enjoyed my time in the game and am going for 100% completion on treasure finding. It’s not a very long game, as I’ve had it for less than two weeks and am already right on the cusp of finishing it.

I’ve also been loving Cave Story+ on the Switch, and I believe I’m near the end of that one as well.

Now, September is about to get a little messy. Wedding plans are coming to a head, and I am already pretty jammed up with birthdays and all that stuff, including my own. Luckily, I have to take some days off work by the end of the month or I risk losing them, so that may be the only blogging time I have!

That being said, Metroid: Samus Returns is coming out, but Ys: Origins is also shipping out at the end of August from play-asia.com. I’ve been jonesin’ for another Ys game since finished Ys: Oath in Felghana, but here’s where things get even more complicated. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana releases on September 12th, which means it’ll be arriving the same day as Metroid: Samus Returns. Basically what’s going to happen is that I’m going to be completely inundated with games I’ve been looking forward to, all at the same time. I call this The Perfect Storm.

Sure is a beautiful storm!

Oh yeah, and Miitopia is still sitting on my shelf, wrapped in plastic.

2017 might actually be the best year that gaming has seen in over a decade. The releases just keep on coming, and I have hardly mentioned the Switch lately. It’s going to be an incredible year!

Collectin’ it Up

If you chat with me on Discord, you may remember I had begun acquiring PSP (Playstation Portable) games for some odd reason, the odd part being that I didn’t have a PSP. Well if you noticed in the last sentence, the operative word is didn’t, because I’m proud to say I am finally a PSP owner!

Currently I have six games, all of which I have ripped off the UMD disc to store safely on the memory stick, which is actually a Sony MemoryStick Duo to SD card adapter. Seriously, it’s amazing just how hackable this thing is. The UMD discs are a disaster waiting to happen and I feel secure knowing I have them all backed up in case they decide to stop working. The battery also lasts far longer playing all my games from the SD card as the system no longer needs to power the loud and obnoxious UMD drive.

I’ll make a longer post about my PSP acquisition soon! This thing is seriously cool and I can’t wait until I actually get some time to play the games I got for it.

There’s a silver lining to all of this, of course. While there may be a bit of a lull in the posting in the meantime, there will be tons to post about in the coming months! When I get back nice and rested from the honeymoon, I can’t wait to dive back into the reviews and the frequent posting.

Sometimes we all need a break, right? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing things that I enjoy, it’s that when they start to feel like work, I need to take a step back. By limiting myself now, I’ll be itching to get back to it when time to focus is more abundant. Stay tuned for more posts – I’ll be sticking to roughly a one-post-per-week schedule.

Thanks for reading this disaster, you guys! It means the world!


  1. I believe in making time for yourself, so definitely do what you need to for the wedding, your house, and other big life events. They’re truly important once-in-a-lifetime events, so treasure them! 🙂 The blog will be here when you return, and if anything, taking some time will make your return even sweeter. I’m always a fan of quality over quantity anyway, so take it easy and enjoy the fullness of your life! 😀 So excited for you and your upcoming wedding! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the awesome words Mr Panda! This post can come off as a little ranty and whiny, but honestly the fact is, a lot of the time when I write these days, it’s on a low tank. I’m excited to take a break because I need to “gather material” so to speak 🙂 it’s funny, when I first started getting some traffic on here, I got extremely excited and motivated to write constantly, and the thing with that kind of excitement is that you constantly need to chase it. It takes more work, “no, that’s not good enough. This needs to be perfect”, which I’ve found can wear you down more than the writing itself. It’s that constant quest for perfection that can always weigh on your mind!

      And all of THAT sounds so over the top, you know? It’s all about having some fun, adding another level to the experience of enjoying video games 🙂

      Thanks as always for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know exactly you feel! I feel like I need to perform sometimes, and honestly, psh, I just want to be happy doing what I’m doing and make it something helpful and enjoyable to others. Making it perfect drove me crazy, though I’m very much in that mentality, haha. And no worries about sounding ranty and whiny. I’m sure I’ve written stuff that sounded like that and people were supportive. You’re in good hands. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hang in there my friend! Marriage is wonderful! My anniversary is in October so that’s a great time of year for some holy matrimony. On a separate note I’ve really appreciated working alongside you and your enthusiasm. I’m glad to host your work! Taking a break is a good thing, and I’ll miss you for the time being but you have my best wishes for this next stage in your life. And good luck with that poodle haha!


  3. Congrats on getting married and I’m sure the honeymoon will be some well deserved R&R from real life for a bit. I’ve recently been super busy as well, and it has affected my ability to really get into any new games as of late. Hopefully things calm down a bit and I have chance to tackle some longer RPGs.

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  4. It’s never nice when your hobby starts to feel like work, I agree, it’s a good time to just back away ever so slightly, and come back refreshed. Good luck with the wedding planning, did mine last year, and the planning crazy, more so for my wife, but once the day comes you’ll have a blast. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

    Next month will be great, I may end off August by getting Mario Rabbids, but Metroid Sams returns is a definite on my list. All other gaming will come to halt then and my 3DS will get some major loving. can’t wait.

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    • Hey man, I appreciate you saying all of that! It’ll totally be worth it in the end. Just reeally looking forward to my wife to be getting her life back! 🙂

      This is such an incredible year for gaming, I’ve played only games released this year and I’ve been inundated.

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