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What Makes You Aim For 100% Game Completion?

Gamers are a strange group of people. Music collectors don’t subject themselves to music they don’t like for hours on end, just to be able to tell people that they did. Cinephiles don’t watch dozens of hours of films they’re not enjoying just to say that they’ve “gotten […]

A Midsummer Night’s Blog Post

Why hello there folks, it’s Geddy here, Geddy from NostalgiaTrigger. I have two confessions for you today: 1) I have major writer’s block lately, and 2) I’ve been super busy. If the two things were ingredients in a recipe, that recipe would be for “mental turmoil” and it would […]

Planning out the Entire Year of Gaming 2017

In this day of pre-order bonuses and looking forward to games months before release, it’s relatively simple to set yourself up for practically the whole year, all at one time. I was looking ahead into my gaming plans, and I thought, “I have so many games pre-ordered for […]

Nintendo Just Set E3 and My Hair on Fire

I’m a little over-the-top excited right now, so bear that in mind. I’ve also had 19 quarts of coffee today so exaggerations are bound to happen. Anyway! As Nintendo’s E3 presentation is the one that affects me the most, I had to watch this one live. And boy, […]