Summer Gaming Plans, Sponsored by SquareEnix

Before reading, I feel like I should mention that I’ve had about 6 free coffees today, because I found a Starbucks machine in my office building, so I’m kind of insane right now.

It was once said by someone as famous as but probably not Jesus Christ, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Legend has it that no one actually knew what he was talking about at the time. Now, centuries later and with the advent of DNA sampling not unlike the technology that brought back dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, we now know that he was referring to having multiple SquareEnix RPGs in his backlog.

I find myself at a strange point in my gaming career. Hell, even referring to it as a “career” makes it sound like work, but I’ve bullet-pointed the next year of my life by which games I’m attempting to complete, and the next two upcoming ones are large RPGs. Add to that, my current game is Dark Cloud 2, which seems to be on the tail end but still several weeks left. This has never happened before – as I’ve generally avoided anything ridiculously long (see my long list of past articles about Completion Armor).

Those two games are Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X. FFX has been on the list since yesterday afternoon, and that’s what prompted me to write this article. I had known about an HD remake on the PS3, but since I do not own one nor do I plan on owning a PlayStation anything in the immediate future, it was not on my radar.

So freaken naturally, it would make sense that SquareEnix would announce the FFX HD remake releasing on PC tomorrow.

The issue with Final Fantasy games is that they almost always fail the Pregnancy Test. What’s the pregnancy test? It’s a term I just made up now. Allow me to explain.

If a baby can be conceived, grow into a fetus, and be born into the world before I can finish a single game, that game is too damn long.

That “the rent is too damn high!” guy clearly never played a Final Fantasy game or he would have preached a different message to a very different crowd.

As the issue of game length might exist for Final Fantasy X, I do have some experience playing the game on PlayStation 2 many years ago. I never got too far in it but I do have the help of roughly 10 hours of nostalgia to motivate me to get into this one again.

Kingdom Hearts on the other hand has held my interest for years now, but I’ve never made the effort to dive into the franchise. As the 3DS has Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, I’ve wanted to experience what makes Kingdom Hearts so special to some, but assumed starting from the beginning was the best entry point. Also, the time for the main story hovers around 30 hours, which is totally manageable. I’ve got a real nostalgic connection to Final Fantasy as well as Disney characters, so wrap it up into an action-RPG and you’ve got my attention.

The coolest part about this is it was available on Amazon Prime for only $20! I’m very excited to play this after I finish Dark Cloud 2.

So there you have it – between Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X HD on PC, my summer of console/PC RPGs is locked and loaded. And trademarked by SquareEnix.

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