Really Late Month in Review Article! May 2016

Well we’re half-way through the month, and as is typical for me, I suck at staying up to date.

The past month of my gaming habit has been all over the place. Ranging from action RPG to casual puzzler to turn-based JRPG.

As I mentioned in a previous article, I am a huge fan of the Picross e series on the eShop. Well last month I finished Picross e3 in a mere 19 hours (5 hour improvement from Picross e1) and have moved onto Picross e4. They definitely stepped up their game with e4, however – I’m not sure exactly how many puzzles there are in this one, but if I had to guess, I’d say “a fucking lot more than e3.” Seriously, there are just pages and pages of puzzles, and two new game modes. Micross, which is a gigantic picture composed of smaller pictures (each one represented by a 10×10 puzzle), and 20×15 regular puzzles, which are quite easy but also take much longer to complete each one (~10 minutes each.) This is going to take some serious time!

I’ve made some more steady progress in Earthbound as well. I’m probably 15 hours in at this point. What I love about this game is how easy it is to pick up and play for a little bit at a time, but it also has that charming quality that makes it hard to put down once you get a solid pace going. It’s good to alternate between Earthbound and the other games I’ve been playing, as it’s light-hearted mood and subtle reward system feels so good after Kingdom Hearts gets frustrating.

Speaking of which, Kingdom Hearts is still going strong! I’m progressing what seems to be extremely quickly through this one, burning through 10 hours so far but according to the guide I’ve been glancing at occasionally, I’m more than halfway through the game. Although I definitely have what would be called a “rushed” playstyle. The answer is almost always “more throttle.”

Also, I mentioned my humble beginnings of Xenoblade Chronicles, and I’ve been logging quite a bit of time in that. So far in June, my time has been spread out in a lot of directions, but I’ve really been enjoying the variety.

In the month of April, I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Dark Cloud 2, and by the time I was done with it, I felt very worn down and burnt out on it. In the effort of trying to avoid that in the future, going back to spreading out my time between a few games is what I’ll be doing. Here’s to May! Good job everyone.

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