Introducing the Nintendo Switch!

It’s been an antsy couple of months for everybody and the rumors have been plentiful, but boy am I just happy it doesn’t have a stupid name. Introducing, the Nintendo Switch!


First and foremost, I think we all owe a round of applause to the many mockups made of this device in the rumor mill, because the people predicting all of this functionality hit the nail on the head. Of course, I’m referring to the detachable controllers and portable element with the dock. I mean, those folks got it 100%. Granted, there were some patents that narrowed it down a bit, but still, those mockups were nearly perfect.

But let’s talk about how hyped I am right now! So hyped.

I had some pretty high hopes for this system and I’m happy to say that just about all of them have been met. I’ve become a portable player these days, and having a larger screen than even the PS Vita is pretty terrific. Also worth noting is just how relaxed that dude on the airplane looked, slouched back, ruining his posture, aggravating his latent scoliosis, and having a great time doing it. Playing Skyrim. Fucking portable Skyrim!

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.13.46 AM.png
2017: The Year We Could Kill Dragons on an Airplane.

All the hype aside, there are a few key factors here that need to be considered. First of all, there was no mention of price. This looks like it’s going to be expensive, flat out.

The second bullet point is the battery life. Sure it looks great, but can it back up that kind of portable performance with a decent battery life? It’s rumored to have “mediocre” battery life, but right now I’m too blinding by the fact that this thing looks awesome.

The real highlight here for me, aside from the terrificly done reveal and the fact that Nintendo has learned a lot over the years, was the list of partners that Nintendo has supporting this new system. I saw many big names on that list. Bethesda, From Software (if we get portable Dark Souls or Bloodbourne I’m quitting my job), Atlus, Square Enix, and with support for both Unity and Unreal Engine, this looks like a home run for Nintendo.


This is undoubtedly a day one buy for me, a small perk of being an adult with a full time job and disposable income. Truly I feel terrible for the kids of today, what with having to sell all of their games to a person like me, to go buy this new console, which I will then also buy. Ah well, I consider this justice for all the games I couldn’t buy when I was a kid! You’ll have your chance, boys and girls.

I truly hope this pulls Nintendo back up on top to where it desperately needs to be. It’s been too long that the media has generally regarded Nintendo as “has-beens,” which is silly anyway considering all the 3DS success. This system looks like a blast and will definitely grace my gaming room come March of next year.

Looking forward to pricing information and more tech specs, but for now: well-fucking-done Nintendo, you absolutely killed it.

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