Pokémon Direct: My Hopes, Dreams, and Everything In Between

Word on the street is that we’re to receive a Pokémon Direct tomorrow morning! And it couldn’t have come at a better time, let me tell you. For one, I’ve been getting a real nostalgic Pokemon itch for the past few weeks, and this might just be the scratch I’m needed!

What could possibly be in store for us all tomorrow? Well, for starters, lots of things. Personally, with Sun and Moon just having released at the tail end of last year, I can’t really tell if a new installment in the main game series is likely. What I can see is a reboot of a previous game. You know what, let’s take this into the easy to read list format. Here’s some things that would be great to get from the Pokemon Direct tomorrow, my “hopes and dreams”!

A Main Pokemon Game for Switch

Like I mentioned above, I don’t see it coming so soon. However, what everyone is predicting is this Pokemon Stars game, a complement of Sun and Moon in the same way that Yellow complemented Red and Blue. Of course, the kicker here is that it would be on the Switch. With our fancy new devices in hand, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to have Sun and Moon on the glorious new Switch with high-resolution graphics. After all, it’s been known for quite some time that the Pokemon graphics on the 3DS are actually quite large, and by that I mean that they were optimized for a larger screen with higher pixel density. In other words, what later became the Switch.

We’ve heard all kinds of rumors, and this one wouldn’t totally surprise me. But that being said, Game Freak is notoriously late with bringing support to current generation consoles, so I won’t really hold my breath for this.

Pokemon Games on Virtual Console

I love that they released Red/Blue/Yellow on the 3DS eShop, and it would only make sense for them to bring some of the older games to the Switch for those that skipped over the 3DS. I’d love to see Pearl/Diamond, Black/White, and Black/White 2 made more available, but I also don’t think the Virtual Console reveal will come during a Pokemon Direct. If anything, we’d see it during E3. Again, just my prediction.

Sequel or Remake of Pokemon Snap

Now here’s me being hopeful! I recently procured a copy of Pokemon Snap for the N64, and I’ve had a blast revisiting a big part of my childhood. That game always brought me great joy, and at the time it was the best way to feel like you were taking part in the Pokemon universe. Pokemon Snap made the whole world feel real, even though it was on rails, it managed to capture that essence of waltzing through the environment, watching Pokemon in their natural habitat. It was a great concept back then.

While there never was much in the way of a sequel or even rumors, Game Freak has no objections to a sequel. We’ll see what happens!

Remake of Older Main Line Game

Know what would be really cool? Following up Sun and Moon with a Red/Blue/Yellow 3D remake for the Switch. I know, I’m not usually one to request remakes, but what Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby did for their base model counterparts was pretty awesome. I’m a big fan of “modernizing” games occasionally, and as the vibe doesn’t really get lost on me for Pokemon games, I think this could be a possibility and a pretty  big winner.

That being said, whatever is being announced tomorrow, if it’s on the Switch, it needs to be a big deal. I don’t think they’d blow the first big Pokemon announcement for the Switch on something trivial, like a Black/White remake, when they could play on the same nostalgia that worked when R/B/Y was released on the 3DS eShop. Nostalgia sells like hot cakes and nobody knows that more than Nintendo. Bringing a remake to life, and especially on the Switch, would be a jackpot.

Pokken Tournament on Switch

As one of the most popular games on the WiiU, bringing Pokken to a new audience via the Switch might be a good way to breath new life into the series. While personally I’m not a fan of fighting games, nor have I ever actually played Pokken tournament, I could see a port being very likely. After all, Nintendo knows that a ton of Switch players have never owned a WiiU, so much like they did with Mario Kart 8, bringing Pokken Tournament to Switch would make sense. Maybe not now, but at some point?

More Pokemon Amiibo!

With the last wave of amiibo being completely sold out everywhere (I think you know the set I’m referring to), it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo kicked up the dust on store shelves where they used to sit with a new batch of fresh Pokemon goodness. I’ve got a decent collection of them myself, but let’s be honest, I can always use more. Especially with Pokemon coming out on the Switch? There could be some cool unlockables or interactions to be had with them.

Whatever they have planned, there isn’t much time until we’ll all know for sure what they are! I’ve got my copy of Pokemon Pearl and a fresh new DSi in the mail getting delivered on Friday, so I’m ready for whatever news they’ve got.

Stay tuned!



  1. While I have never played a Pokémon game, and it pains me to say that, I’m pretty excited for the direct tomorrow. I’ve thought about trying some of the games in the past but it never seemed like the right time. The Switch seems like a good console for finally jumping into the franchise.

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    • Well, since I assume you saw the Switch or at least read elsewhere that it disappointed a lot of people for not releasing a main line Pokemon game on the Switch, I can only saw that it’s a terrific series that transcends demographics and age groups, and for good reason.

      It’s one of the “cleanest” RPGs you can possibly play – whimsical and silly and simple good fun. It’s super easy to pick up and the world really pulls you into it. I highly recommend picking up and playing _any_ of them that you can find, although the older game installments show their age a bit.

      Personally, after playing the originals back in the 90s and then jumping back into the series 2 years ago after a 10+ year hiatus from the series, I would say pick up either Pokemon X or Y, they completely got me back into the series and did a great job in every way. Just one man’s opinion, and of course this means you would need a 3DS 🙂 But, in case you don’t have one, the 2DS XL is launching soon which looks to be a fantastic machine.

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      • The direct was disappointing. ;/ Regardless of that, I will have to play some of the games eventually. Thank you for the recommendations. I’m not sure I would know where to start, which I’m sure has contributed to my hesitance.


        • Do you have a DS or a 3DS? You can get a DSi for less than $40. Heck, I just got Pokemon Pearl and a DSi for $30 off eBay!

          If you’re serious about wanting to get into it, maybe watch a Let’s Play on Youtube for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (on the DS), and then maybe either X/Y (on the 3DS). The reason I picked those two is because they aren’t expensive like Black/White or Ruby/Sapphire. See which art/graphical/sound style you like more, then dive in 🙂

          It should be noted that the opposite versions are the exact same game minus some tiny changes, like some of the Pokemon that are available. So it doesn’t really matter which one you buy, just pick one that has the prettier box! 🙂


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