Elemental Challenge Day Eighteen: Sports

The topic of the day is: Sports Games! What are your favorites? I had to go with the original Backyard Baseball as it really changed the sports game landscape for me, but there are plenty more great choices. Read all about it on the Well-Red Mage’s Elemental Challenge: Day 18!

The Well-Red Mage


This is what happens when national pastimes collide. Today we’re talking about Sports games, what are essentially games about games. Several of us do more than our fair share of contributing to the stereotype that gamers are nerds who don’t like sports, but the fact is that video games based on football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and so on have been around since the dawn of gaming. For many people, these are gateway games into the digital universe with rules they already know and understand. For others, these are just reminders of a lack of athletic ability and general disinterest in the sports scene.

Regardless of what faction you personally fall into or if neither boot fits, the fact is that there are a lot of similarities between hardcore gamers and hardcore sports fans: generally speaking, both are extremely dedicated, both look down on the other, both are interested in…

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