What Video Game Dungeon Would I Move In To?

A couple of weeks ago, Ian from Adventure Rules started the second round of his Charming and Open Event – a community blogging dealio wherein commentators pose videogame-themed questions to which he responds with a blog post. In turn, a question is volleyed back to the original asker, and they are to do the same. Well, this may be a week or two late, but like I told my wife upon presenting a ring and asking for her hand in marriage, “better late than never!”

The question I asked was related to video game worlds. I have always wondered, if I lived in a video game universe, which random NPC would I be? What would my day job be? Maybe the sawmill worker in Skyrim, or the guy running around aimlessly in Ocarina of Time?

But anyway, this question wasn’t for me to answer, it was for Ian! He gave a terrific answer with Bon Jovi lyrics in the post title that you can read here.

In turn, he asked me the following question:

if you had to move into a dungeon from a video game, which one would you want to live in and why?

Terrific question! My answer will actually reference something I recently talked about in my Winter Levels post. One of my favorite levels of all time in a video game is Snowpeak Ruins, the snow level in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I think that as much as I love Zelda dungeons, something about that place never felt as lonely as the typical dungeon.


Two yetis inhabitat this sweet looking dungeon, which is actually a winter mansion at the tail end of a snowboarding section. The mansion is massive  with all kinds of activities to do within. There are block puzzles, cannons, you name it. The actual gameplay within the mansion level involves moving cannonballs through mechanical devices and using them to blast throw walls and get further and deeper into the dungeon.

The main focus of the dungeon is all about finding ingredients to soup that the husband yeti is trying to cook for his sickly wife. When Link finds a treasure chest expecting, you know, “Zelda-esque” things, he finds ingredients and we’re treated to a rare moment of Zelda humor! It’s a whole other side of the series that manages to occasionally lighten the tension while still giving the feeling that we’re in a Zelda dungeon.

He’s smiling because roughly 35 things just became no longer a problem.

But hey, the question was, which dungeon would I move into, right? Well, for one, I’d move in here because yetis are awesome, and I’d love to make soup with the patriarch of the house. The third reason is because it contains one of the most fun Zelda items of any game in the series – the ball and chain! If I had one of these in real life, spent living in the Snowpeak Ruins of course, I don’t think I would do anything except demolish regenerating ice monsters and werewolves all day!

I’d also invest in a Fat Bike (that’s a bicycle with fat, 5 inch tires, made specifically for riding in the snow) and I’d go riding down the hill up to the mansion. I just hope there’s a ski lift somewhere nearby that I missed, cause I’d hate to have to climb that hill every time I wanted to go riding…

And that’s that! Where would you, my favorite reader, choose to live if you had to inhabit a dungeon for a video game? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is an excellent choice and a great Zelda dungeon in general. Snowpeak is great evidence that you can do something fun and unique with a Zelda dungeon without completely removing everything that has become a staple of the series. And living there does sound pretty great – you get awesome soup every day, two cool roommates, and free Winter sports!

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