The Nintendo Switch Lite Is a Thing

The problem with rumors is that they tend to kill the buzz that would normally come from a new Nintendo console announcement. For me, however, Nintendo gets me right in the feels!

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Meet the new lineup: the Switch Lite!

That being said, it’s been announced! We’ve basically known for months that something was in the works – from SKU leaks to accessories that looked a bit too miniature to contain a normal Switch.

I will start by saying that I am intrigued by the Switch Lite. Not being of the unique features, as there really aren’t any. Rather, it’s a solid business strategy to save on costs by using it as an excuse to severely cut production on the 3DS family of systems, and go all-in on the Switch.

First off, the obvious – the $100 price cut. This puts the Switch at a price comparable to the New 3DS XL, which was undoubtedly diverting sales away from the Switch. This makes it more appealing for parents to buy for their kids who wouldn’t use the Switch in television mode anyway. Of course there are the fixed Joycons which provide for a more child-resistant system, less prone to breakage. And lastly, a D-pad instead of the typical Joycon button layout.

For the most part, I can really see this as a big score for the parents out there. Especially those parents whose kids like to play their regular Switch – now they can save quite a few bucks and have their Switch back to themselves!

So we’re definitely looking at a two-pronged attack here by Nintendo: one, to secure more sales for the younger demographic, and two, to grind to a halt the production of 3DS systems, and fully commit to the Switch and keep the sales numbers strong. Personally I think it’s brilliant from a business perspective.

The Switch Lite will be available in three colors upon launch, yellow, gray, and turquoise, and let us not forget that Nintendo loves doing special edition consoles – something we’ve not seen a whole lot of so far, at least over here in the Western market. Right off the bat they have introduced a Pokemon Sword and Shield edition, releasing alongside the game launch in November:

Pokemon Sword & Shield – Zacian and Zamazenta Editions, due out in October.

Presumably, we can expect a slew of these new designs, replacing the barrage of 2DS systems we’d seen over the past several years. I look forward to seeing these as they are unveiled!

I would have liked to see some more hardware improvements – for one, I expected a much smaller console if they were to release this previously rumored “mini” console. This isn’t very mini, if you ask me. Secondly, there still isn’t Bluetooth or an in-built microphone. And of course, third, there is no way to hook it up to the TV.

These aforementioned things make me seriously wonder just how much of this was a business decision to sell more consoles to parents than to gamers who would buy this for themselves. There really aren’t any improvements – it’s less features for less money, with no perks whatsoever. It’s been years and there really isn’t a reason that nothing was added or upgraded.

Still, I’ll opt to root for the parents out there who can now save some coin come December when their kids put Pokemon Sword and Shield and a Switch on their Christmas list – now a $260 Christmas gift instead of a $360 present.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Lite? Are you planning on replacing your current model, or are you still set with yours? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Not gonna lie: I’m ridiculously thrilled about that new development. This is the move I was secretly praying for, without daring to think Nintendo would ever pull it off. Maybe that’s the portable gamer in me raving; but I can’t help but see that decision as a silent admission that the switching feature was not such a stellar idea after all and that Nintendo’s call is in portable gaming, now more than ever before. Makes me think of the way they quietly ditched the 3D feature on the 3DS line, until nearly no one remembered it even existed.

    At any rate, my recent decision to give the Switch line a pass is now reverted, and I’ll definitely get my paws on a Switch Lite — in every sense of the word.


  2. Well, I don’t like the design at all. I was expecting something a little smaller and a little less “arrrgh my eyes”. I don’t like those colors, maybe the grey one but the buttons are too bright for my taste. Other than that, there were a lot of people who refused to buy a Switch because “it wasn’t a 3ds successor” given that it was a hybrid and not a handheld. Now they have no excuse. For “handheld only gamers”, as a secondary console for non Nintendo-only gamers, as an extra console for your partner or child/s, I think is great. As an ONLY console (unless you are one of the really rare handheld only gamers) then no, is not for you. But I don’t see it as a niche product at all. I think it will sell even more than the regular one. I love my OG Switch… So not for me 😛

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    • Oh yeah, the 3DS is totally done with this release – when the people complained about it not being a real 3DS successor, this is what they were looking for.

      I am one of those really rare handhold only gamers 🙂 And I think it’s pretty neat, but the regular Switch is all I need at this point. When I have kids I will definitely consider something like this for them, mostly so they don’t go after mine 🙂

      Thanks for the comment! Are you looking forward to a “Switch Pro” with better specs?


      • Not really. I don’t think we need a “Switch Pro” or anything like it. What would be the point? More graphics? I think it looks amazing already. Granted, there are third party games that don’t make the jump to the Switch because of specs, but those games have no excuse when something like The Witcher 3 and Senua’s Sacrifice made the jump (although The Witcher is still being worked on). Basically publishers want specs so the porting is easier and only have to work on higher level code to make it run on the Switch (instead of lower level which is more efficient). The Switch is a little less powerfull than a Xbox One (not the X), and people believe it can’t handle things like Metal Gear Solid 5? Is not the specs… is the generalization of higher level code engines instead of programming “to the metal” level (which is more work, and more expensive). If the Switch is selling as much as it is, more specs is not something publishers can claim they need. A Switch 2, around 2021/2022 would be great though (fully backwards compatible of course).


  3. it’s an interesting proposition. As a Vita mega-fan, I was expecting a handheld device would what would make me finally jump aboard the Switch ship – but oddly, I think I might wait for the inevitable Pro version if this one doesn’t dock.

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    • I was thinking the inevitable “mini” would have been around the size of the Vita, and the size comparisons aren’t really that drastic. I think this was more a business tactic to cut production costs by eliminating the New 3DS XL (at the same price point) from SKUs on store shelves.

      But you hit the nail on the head – with no performance upgrades this isn’t a real system seller for anyone that I can see, aside from those with young kids. A Switch Pro with some nice additions and a better screen or higher rez is the only reason I’d consider an upgrade.


  4. It looks cool 🙂 I’m a little disheartened that it’s bigger than a Vita, as I told myself that would be as big as I would go. But that being said, I’m no longer commuting so portability isn’t as big an issue for me anymore.

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    • Same thing here man – I play during a commute a large amount of time but the standard Switch size is fine by me. Spent so many hours doing the same thing on a Vita screen that the huge screen felt great from the get-to. But to your point, I would have thought a “mini” Switch would have been ~Vita sized as well. This is a weird niche product in my opinion that’s strictly made to convert parents to buying a Switch instead of a 3DS for their young kids.

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