5 SNES Games I’d Love to See on the Switch!

It took a while, but Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom depending on your country of origin) is finally on the Switch! The initial offerings are pretty great I must say, but as someone who grew up on the Super Nintendo, I’ve played most of these games to death. I’m sure some of you quickly had the same realization upon launching the SNES app. Now, with this subscription model, we are left to wait an unknown amount of time for access to an unknown number of games.

Be that as it may, the reality is that I have this subscription model and was bored to tears in minutes with the NES offerings, but now with SNES, I have some actual options of games I’m excited about playing. Again, the original lineup is quite nice, and those who didn’t grow up with the SNES definitely have many hours of great times ahead.

To add to that, one of my favorite games that indirectly supported my local game rental store for months, to the point where my parents probably bought it three times over, was Brawl Brothers, so you can imagine my amazement when it showed up right on the initial offering! A pleasant surprise I must say. While it plays fairly lackluster these days, my friends and I played the hell out of it back in the day when it was considered a quality fighter and it was super cool to see it on the launch roster.

Aside from maybe 3-4 games, the rest are pretty tired, as even the more replayable titles like Super Metroid and Link to the Past have been done to death on my 3DS. Currently, I’m playing through the only Nintendo game of which I hadn’t played much, and that is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. To be honest, I feel like my $20 yearly membership already paid for itself with this excellent creation!

That being said, we’re naturally inclined to hope for the next announcements, and that’s why we’re here today. Let’s get right into it – the games I’d most like to see come to SNES Classic, in absolutely no order whatever!

Inspector Gadget (1994)

Inspector Gadget was hugely popular when I was a kid, and the sheer absurdity in the bulk of the show translated beautifully to video games. While there were several games from the television series, the original SNES installment was simply good fun. Very frustrating at times, but the number of items truly was what made the game shine. One of my favorite gadgets was when dozens of little mini-Inspector Gadgets popped out of your hat and raided the map, destroying everything in it’s path.

It’s a deliciously ridiculous game with tons of goofiness and fun vibes. You can watch it being beaten in its entirely in all of about 35 minutes right here.

Chance of Release?

This is a tricky one, as Disney owns the rights to the film, but I can’t find much information about the games. There is an animated series on Netflix, and it has games going up to the PS2. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s stuck in Licensing Hell.

Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally (1994)

One of my favorites and definitely in the top 5 when it comes to SNES playtime was this installment of the Road Runner franchise. RRDVR found you, as the Road Runner (still to this day my favorite Looney Tunes character), racing through a side-scrolling platformer, hitting flags, discovering secrets, eating bird seed and avoiding traps set by Wile E. Coyote.

Where this game nailed it was the level design. As you played (and failed) more and more, you eventually built a solid memory map of the entire level, allowing you to absolutely blast through all the sections, launching across ramps and landing in exactly the right location to keep your momentum going. All the Wile (heh), you’ve got Wile E. running across the level, employing all manner of contraptions in an attempt to foil the plans of the Road Runner and score himself a lunch.

Each of the five vastly different environments have three levels and are followed by a boss battle which Road Runner must expertly avoid. The animations for these battles are terrific, and by and large a highlight of the game.

The game was criticized for it’s difficulty and revisiting it today, I don’t even remember if I ever beat it – although I definitely saw all of the levels. This is one title that would really benefit from the Rewind feature of the SNES Online app, as learning the levels would still be critical in completing them.

Chance of Release?

Road Runner is still fairly popular amongst the “nostalgia crowd” as well as younger generations, as is the case with most WB cartoons. Being that Warner Bros. was recently acquired by AT&T, one might assume there is a chance there might be a licensing deal to be struck, particularly as WB’s cartoon streaming service Boomerang continues to air the series. I’ll give this a “decent shot.”

The Incredible Crash Dummies! (1993)

Here’s one that I rarely see get mentioned!

In the early 90s, there was a franchise that emerged from toymaker Tyco Toys (eventually sold to Mattel in the late 90s) called the Incredible Crash Dummies. It held popularity for a few years, spawning a full line of action figures (of which I had many of), comic books, a television special, and of course, a video game for the Super Nintendo.

If you were fortunate enough to have one of these toys growing up, the character in the game functions exactly like the toys themselves – pressing on different pressure points on the dummy would send the limbs flying off the body, and in the game, getting hit by a bad guy would cost you, literally, arms and legs. Eventually you’d just become a body and a head, resulting in death if you were struck again.

The game was extraordinarily challenging and while rose-tinted lenses definitely help forget about all of that, it’d be a fun one to revisit.

Chance of Release?

The Incredible Crash Dummies property is currently owned by Mattel and saw a short-lived revival in 2004. All in all, the likelihood of a second revival in light of the failed first attempt are pretty low. But one can dream!

Super Smash TV (arcade release 1990)

Where to even begin with this one? Well, how about the title card that explains the plot?

“The Year is 1999. Television has adapted to the more violent nature of man. The most popular form of television remains the game show. One show in particular has dominated the ratings. That show is Smash TV. The most game show of all time”

Well then! That’s really all you need to know, because this game is a blast. You (or even better, you and a friend) face off in an arena-style room-by-room battle, firing all manner of weapons to take out enemies, collecting powerups and prizes, eventually facing off against a boss, all the while having gameshow catch phrases shouted at you.

Oh yeah, and the soundtrack is a real thumper as well.

It’s a delightful mashup of American Gladiators and… Double Dare, maybe? Either way, let’s just say, “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Chance of Release?

Yet another game lost in Licensing Hell (let that sink in before you go for the digital copy…), it was originally re-released on Xbox Live Arcade before being delisted after Midway Games was dissolved. That being said, Midway was absorbed by Warner Bros., and a sequel may be just on the horizon, or it may never come. Who knows? I’d give this one “a decent chance.”

Luckily, there are a few games like Smash TV already on the Switch, Enter the Dungeon and Binding of Isaac by far the most popular.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Big Apple…. 3am!

Just like the previous game Smash TV, Turtles in Time also began life as an arcade cabinet. Naturally, this lends itself incredibly well to multiplayer, and that’s a focus for me while coming up with some of these. Single player games are pretty much all I play these days, but the ability to play online with friends suddenly makes me a lot more interested in the multiplayer titles!

Turtles in Time was as perfect as a 2D side-scrolling brawler could possibly be, helped by the popularity the franchise was enjoying in the 90s and the fact that it had catchphrases and catchy music out the whazoo. I can still hear “PIZZA TIME!” and “MY TOE! MY TOE!” like I played the game earlier today. Probably because I did.

One of the coolest boss fights had you throwing bad guys right at Shredder as he looked onward.

Best Memory: Playing at the Chuck-e-Cheese close to my town for hours on end, burning through a roll of quarters from both ends. There were tons of popular arcade cabinets at my particular location, such as the Simpsons Arcade Game, but nothing drew a line like Turtles in Time.

Chance of Release?

TMNT is still enjoying popularity, and the rights are owned by Viacom. With the Spongebob video game Battle for Bikini Bottom being eventually released on to the Switch, it seems like they’re trying to make some easy nostalgia-cash. There was a terribly-received remake last-generation, but a re-release of the original may still be a possibility. That being side, I’d rate this one as a “highly likely!”

These are just a few games I’d love to see, but of course, there are just so many more. I’m sure I’m forgetting about dozens of them too!

Are you happy with the initial SNES offerings on the Switch Online service? What games are you hoping for in the future? Let’s talk SNES classics in the comments!


  1. i honestly had no idea someone else thought about or even knew smash tv. i never played the “super” version of the game, but my cousin and i – and various friends growing up – spent countless hours going through the stages of smash tv. it’s one of those games that’s very distinctly its time period and, while i don’t expect to see a remaster anytime soon, i’m glad the dna lives on in other bullet-hell twin-stick shooters like enter the gungeon and nuclear throne.

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  2. The one SNES game I’d like to see on the Switch is Terranigma. I played it once somewhere around 2007 on an emulator, and never touched it again; and yet it left an indelible mark on my gamer’s soul. A truly haunting RPG, with a real-time fighting system made in ARPG heaven. I don’t know what are the odds of it ever making the move to the Switch; but I’ll keep pinning for it, eternally ^_^

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    • That’s a great one! I think I played Terranigma in exactly the same fashion you mentioned – albeit a little more recently. A few years ago when it was trendy, I built myself a Retropie and told myself I’d go through all those SNES rpgs I never got around to playing. Of course, having 2,000 hours of RPG at your fingertips never goes anywhere lol, so I did the same darn thing as you.

      I’d love to eventually check some of these out!


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