End of November Updates + Black Friday Luck!

It’s been a quiet end of the month, what with Thanksgiving break eating up a lot of time, but there’s been a huge amount activity on my radar. I accrued quite the collection of new gaming things – some Vita games, some 3DS games, even some collector editions!

Of course, like most of the world with a 3DS and a hankerin’ for catching monsters, Pokemon Sun & Moon has been absolutely dominating most of my game-playing time. I can’t rave enough about this game, but I’d be doing it a disservice to go off on a half-assed tangent mentioning the things I love about it.

I finally got ahold of Kirby: Planet Robobot, which I am absolutely ecstatic to start playing. I loved the demo and have been wanting to grab this one for a while, but with Pokemon running for over 20 hours now on my 3DS, I’m holding off on starting that one.

Oh yeah – let’s talk about the 3DS. I maaaaay have impulse-bought one on Black Friday.

The beautiful New 3DS, Limited Edition! Source.

Evidently, most were not so lucky. Truth be told, I had absolutely no intention of buying one, but a streak of good luck got the better of my good judgement. I set an in-stock alert, received a text message 15 minutes later informing me that Walmart.com had opened up pre-orders, and so I bought one immediately. Looking at the items now, the price has shot back up to $149.99, a price point at which I would definitely have not impulse bought.

I suppose I didn’t realize how lucky I got: this was earlier on in the day, probably around 11am, and all I read about for the next several days is how nobody could get ahold of one. I assume I found the nowinstock.net website before the masses did, and it paid off.

To be honest, I had been looking to retire my New 3DS XL for a few months, as I wanted a more portable and lighter version to carry around with me. It’s pre-ordered for a December 15th release, but I’m pretty excited to have the options to customize the faceplates. I am THE self-proclaimed customization whore.

And with that, that’s all the update I’ve got in me for today. Work has been rough and busy and my usual wit and charm is a little lacking in this post. But – I’ve been working dilligently on my 2016 Master List, a first-time feature where I ramble on about every single game I’ve played for the whole year! We’ll see how that goes. If it works out, I’ll post it. If it sucks, I’ll post it anyway. Stay tuned.

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