My Nintendo Switch Game Wish List

The Switch is out and the game announcements don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Indie developers are jumping on the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking portable home console/home console that’s also portable/any other damn way you want to describe it. But there’s also the bigger players whose announcements we have to look forward to. Here’s some games I think would be great on the console!

Monster Hunter

With Capcom listed as an official partner, and a presence on all of Nintendo’s consoles of the past few years, this one is a no-brainer. The last installment of this game I played was Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which was an absolute blast of monster slayin’. Unfortunately at the time I was in the midst of a few epics, so I wasn’t able to spend more than 50 hours before moving on.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

One of the things that stands out about the Switch is the large screen size and resolution. This will be an incredible experience on the big screen, which will transfer nicely in portable mode. It was always pretty choppy, even on my New 3DS XL, and I’d love to see what they can do with the capabilities of the Switch.


Anyone who follows Nintendo closely knows that the Metroid series hasn’t seen the love it deserves in recent years. Leaving fans to pick up the pieces, and then slapping those pieces right out of their hands, Nintendo has been anything but respectful towards the franchise. The backlash towards Federation Force is one of the last things that fans remember as of recent, and the gaming community of a whole is pretty relentless when it comes to hate as it is. While there have been some very vague hints towards a true-to-form followup to the Prime series, fans have been left to hypothesize what’s in Nintendo’s pipeline.

Now, while I’d love to see a followup to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, I think I’d be even more excited about a brand new 2D installment for the series, brought into the 21st century. Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion were among the last 2D Metroids to grace a Nintendo console, and they were well over a decade ago. That’s pretty incredible, if you think about it. These games still look and play great, but a modernization and breath of fresh air would be incredible to see, particularly back in a portable format.

Hatsune Miku

The Vita was responsible for enlightening me to several genres of games that, for the most part, I didn’t even know existed. In the case of Hatsune Miku, to me, it’s the perfect rhythm game that feels great and is done so well. I love the reward system and the music; something about it all just resonated well with me.

As I like to play these sorts of games on the go, it would be a great match on the Switch, and with SEGA already a partner, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible. As a matter of fact, the 3DS had Project Mirai DX, so bringing the franchise to Nintendo consoles isn’t exactly new. I’m sure it’s a matter of crunching the numbers and seeing how well it sold in the 3DS. Just have to wait for an announcement!


I discovered the Ys series very recently, and it’s a game series that’s been around since before I was born! Action RPGs are among my favorite types of games, and 2012’s Ys: Memories of Celceta was an incredible blast of energy that made me fall in love with the series. With the most recent installment Ys: Lacrimosa of Dana coming to the West in late-2017, it would be incredible to get some sort of attention on the Switch.

Gameplay from Ys: Lacrimosa of Dana on PS4.

I didn’t see Nihon Falcom or Xseed on the Switch partnership list, but I’m hoping that something comes along that prompts a proper release on the console. They play fantastic on a Vita and the same would be true of being on the Switch. Really hoping for the best on this one, although I did already order a beautiful collector’s edition for my Vita.

While I’d be cool with a port, and they do seem to love porting their games (seriously, Ys games are available on absolutely any system, it’s ridiculous), I’d be down to wait a bit for a new installment. Not many people seem to even know about the Ys series, at least people who don’t have a Vita, and it’s strange to me, because they play like extremely well-polished games. Let’s get some Ys action on the Switch!

More Fresh RPGs!

I’m very excited to check out Square Enix’s title I Am Setsuna – this game looks exactly like something I would be into. Departing from the typical old-school Final Fantasy style and coming up with a Final Fantasy/Chrono Trigger cross-over, it seems like something I could really sink my teeth into. I’m waiting to buy a physical release from Japan, personally, so I also hope they don’t use this typically indie-model route of digital-only.

While this game was already out for other systems, this is a new property for Square Enix and I hope they and other developers are willing to innovate and come up with new things that disrupt the normal flow, rather than relying on sequels. The Vita because an RPG paradise and I think the developers that did solid work on that platform will migrate to the Switch when the time comes.

Gameplay from I Am Setsuna.

It’s a pretty big deal when a new console releases, especially ones with the capability to be brought anywhere. Big and small development teams are sure to jump on this “play our stuff anywhere” bandwagon and I can’t wait to see what else drops down the pipeline throughout the rest of 2017.

What game series are you hoping to see pop up on the Nintendo Switch?



  1. I am Setsuna has me intrigued as well, it would be the game I’m most drawn too on the Switch. Love a good RPG, which is why the Vita is such a great little device. So many good entrances to choose from!

    Fingers crossed, I’m really hoping for a new game like Animal Crossing on the Switch! That would have me camping outside Nintendos store to get a Switch myself!

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  2. I love your ideas! Monster Hunter would be perfect for the portable hybrid, and I hope Capcom’s still cool with delivering the goods so consistently on Nintendo platforms! Loved MH4U and MHG. A new Metroid would be great too, and like you, I’d actually prefer a 2D installment, since I love Super Metroid more than Prime. Though both are great, and I’ll take anything they give me at this point (except Federation Force, which did intrigue me even though I didn’t pick it up). I would love for Final Fantasy to join Dragon Quest and make a return on Switch. Porting over FFXV would be a good start. I like the shifted focus of RPGs to the Switch either way. I Am Setsuna being a great example you listed, and Shin Megami Tensei, Dragon Quest, Project Octopath Traveler (ha…), and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 rounding out the RPG train.


  3. A new Metroid would be a good move right now, it’s been a long time since a major instalment and there are still a lot of fans. If they are working on one, I would expect it to be out mid-late 2018 as a Christmas system seller.


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