A Farewell to ARMS

My alarm, it rang, the crack of dawn,

Only 4 hours of sleep, but not even a yawn,


for that morning I was ready for the ARMS Test Punch,

an hourlong gameplay demo betwixt breakfast and lunch.

Arms for the Nintendo Switch - Screenshots - Ribbon Girl Side Stepping Attack

I’d missed the first demo, due to making home improvements

But the second? I was here, and ready for upper-body movements.


I started it up and pressed L and R,

“Gonna kick so much ass, it’ll end up on World Star.”


Things took a bad turn about ten minutes in,

I’d racked up some losses and barely one win.


“How long have these kids been playing?” I said aloud,

Remembering it was a beta, “I’ll keep trying,” I vowed.


Like Mike Tyson I raised up my fists of fury,

Picked Ninjara, my heart rate any doctor would worry.


The round started – “hey why’s this guy level 35?

Is it because I can’t make it to 35 seconds, alive?”


But no worry, I thought, next round will be better.

My attacks seemingly as effective as getting punched by a feather.


It was 3 versus 1, against a boss named Hedlock,

We all shared a victory, despite one out-knock. (yeah, that was me)


My fiancée concerned for my sweating was normal,

While I continued swinging my fists in ways most informal.


At long last the time struck for maintenance mode,

I questioned my decision to go down this road.


On the one hand it was cool and kind of a blast,

but I got pretty sick of everyone kicking my ass.


I’ll pass on this one when it hits the store,

it’s simply not my style, but definitely not a bore.


It’ll win lots of hearts with it’s style and charms,

And that, as they say, is my Farewell to ARMS!



    • Thanks Kresnik! I had absolutely no idea what to write for ARMS since I only played it for about 45 minutes and lost nearly every round. Folks were putting out these terrific, in-depth looks at all the characters, and I realized, I have nothing to even say about this game. Only the fact that I sucked at it and won’t be buying it lol.

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      • I hope this doesn’t sound too patronizing, but I think the most important thing is just that it inspired you to write something. But not only that, a very creative article too. So it worked pretty well 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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