Time for Another Long Break from Pokemon

Like many gamers born in the late 80s or early 90s, the “Poke Mania” cultural obsession took over my life or a good year or so during the peak popularity. For many more kids at the time, it turned into a lifelong obsession. I don’t consider myself to be in this particular camp, as I took a big break from Nintendo in the early 2000s, but I came back to Pokemon after many years in 2015. I bought Pokemon X and it was like nostalgia crack to me – I was hooked all over again.

It was a pretty deep hook as well that lasted a fair bit of time. I ended up revisiting Pokemon Yellow (and finally finishing a game I had started almost two decades prior), then played some Pokemon Pearl in a multi-part unfinished series documented here on NostalgiaTrigger (spoiler alert: I never finished it because I couldn’t beat the Elite Four), then bathed in the hype around Pokemon Sun & Moon. About a year later, Let’s Go Pikachu let me revisit the Kanto region one more time in a gorgeous, re-imagined world with all new gameplay elements.

But then something happened – Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon was announced, and I couldn’t see myself doing all of that again. “But that’s just a remake with expanded areas,” I figured, of course I don’t want to play that novel of text until Pokemon Sword & Shield was announced, and still, I had little interest in doing the whole Pokemon thing again. I even tried to psych myself up with some light reporting, but had to push myself to even get through that. As a matter of fact, for someone who goes bonkers every time I receive word of an impending Pokemon Direct, nothing really blew my skirt up from the Sword & Shield gameplay video.

Recently while in Newborn Care Mode, I’d been managing some short periods of gaming time, and decided on a playthrough of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, trying to get another stiff hit of the nostalgia I got with Pokemon X. Well, I have tried and tried, but I just don’t have any interest in continuing. And I’m not even at the first gym yet. I’m just absolutely so bored.

That’s when I realized that I may have reached my Poke-pacity. Pokemon.. acity. Capacity for.. Poke… Poke–

I reached my Pokemon capacity. The games haven’t changed in ages, and I don’t think they ever really can. I had some stray thoughts about the various parts of the game where I’d like to see changes (or merely a refresh) and attempted to categorize them. Here goes:

Random Encounters

Random encounters are a huge pain in the ass and I can’t stand them. Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee was a wonderful departure from this, as all the encounters became user-initiated. Without this mechanic, my Pokemon game playthroughs typically ended at the first cave, somewhere around the 35th Zubat encounter, so it was nice to be able to capture ones that I wanted to catch, for XP or otherwise. That being said, even that mechanic got quite old since there’s still far too much luck involved.

I still think Pokemon visible on the map with turn-based battle is the golden ticket, like in Sword & Shield, so going forward I think this would alleviate my frustrations with random encounters. Catching Pokemon could use an overhaul, as the whole “weaken and throw Poke balls” gets pretty boring, fast.


The removal of HMs was a nice change in Sun & Moon, but the issue is that the same 4-move system is so permanently ingrained in Pokemon games, that my typical routine was almost always the same. I would inevitably ditch the “lower defense” and “lower attack” moves that most ‘mon start with, and trade them for some kind of offensive move, and then try to diversity the types with some TMs.

Special Moves

I’ll come right out and say it, I think the Mega Evolutions and all those ExTrEmE moves are boring. Sure, they look cool, and there is a bit of strategy involved with when to use them, but I feel they’re far more important in competition, and not so much in the single player adventure. Quick question – who out there who played Sun & Moon used them outside of the Trials? Odds are, you used it to save yourself some time during a big battle, and it most likely took out your foe immediately. I would have loved to see them do more than “1 time big attack” – perhaps flipping weaknesses or inflicting different statuses? Perhaps something that can get exploited by the rest of your team? What about a move where you could employ two of your Pokemon in a team-attack, like combining Grass and Ice attacks into hybrids, shooting frozen blades of grass at an enemy? I don’t know, just some ideas to change things up from these one-off “big Pokemon make big attack!” features.


I actually really like the over-the-top gyms, to be honest. I don’t have a lot to complain about here. The problem is you can’t change these much, as the gyms basically have to exist as a metric for player progress. That and you will piss off the long-term players if you remove them. Even when Sun & Moon attempted a departure for this with Trials, they acted exactly the same. Without a massive overhaul to this metric of progress, there’s no chance that any part of Pokemon can change.

Personally, I’d love to see some sort of open-world elements. Yes, you heard it here folks – open-world is something I’d like to see in Pokemon (I typically despise open-world elements). I think a quest system in Pokemon (for side-quests other than “trade my x for your y) would really open up the possibilities in a Pokemon game. The environments are always gorgeous, and feel very homey, and a system with some creative problem solving quests would be very unique. Yo-Kai Watch did quests and I had a blast with that game – it is limitless how many Pokemon-related quests the developers could come up with.

Forever Stuck in Place?

There’s not much that Gamefreak can do to tweak core elements of Pokemon, and part of that, I believe, is due to the sheer number of Pokemon that exist out there. Unless they were to keep Pokemon region-specific, it’s simply not feasible to revisit the drawing boards for hundreds of Pokemon. How could this possibly ever happen? There’s also the inter-connectivity and trading that occurs between generations, which cements all features of the game in-place. There’s just no chance that, for example, Pokemon could have hybrid-moves, rather than a move being a) physical or special, b) of a certain type (or normal), because you can’t go back and make sweeping changes across the board. The series has gone off for so long that it feels very stuck exactly where it is, with little to no chance for change going forward.

My dreams of a more open-world adventure with non-fetch quests might be enough to bring me back, but chances of that are also pretty low.

The solution for me is either a) quit playing Pokemon for a few more years, and/or b) play a modified ruleset. I recalled reading about a fellow blogger’s Nuzlocke run over at Adventure Rules, which looked like loads of fun. And of course all of the excellent solo runs on That Extra Level! that always make me want to play another Pokemon game. I think that playing as fast as possible yields the highest chance for completion, and the solo runs are pretty easy to speed through (since you basically end up with a super-powered main, as they suck up all the XP), so maybe I will have to attempt that again.

Anyway, that’s my rant about Pokemon games! They’ll always hold a special place in my heart, but have just worn out their welcome since getting back into the franchise when I started this blog several years ago. Perhaps a good plan is to wait until my little one puts a few years on her, so that I can introduce her properly to the series? Seeing how the magic affects her might just prompt me to jump in and enjoy it with her. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t counting on it!

Is the Pokemon series still going strong for you? What is your favorite generation? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Despite owning at least one game from every generation, I’m terrible at completing Pokemon games… I finished up Pokemon Blue for the first time just a few months ago, haha!! I love the series, though, and will probably try to complete my play through of Pokemon Crystal soon! And maybe it’s just my nostalgia talking, but my favorite generation is still the first one 🙂

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  2. The other day I found myself with some free time (this never happens) so I picked up my Nintendo 3DS and decided to play. Turns out I hadn’t picked it up since Oct 2013! I still had a saved game on Pokemon Platinum (2 gyms in). Quite a lot of hours later I’m getting trashed by the Elite four. Damn them, haha! I’ll get bored eventually but for now I’ll enjoy the ride 🙂

    Have you ever written a post about Pokemon being all about capturing and using animals? If so, I’d love to read it!

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    • Nice! There’s something amazing about Pokemon games where you can pick them up after an extended period of absence and (assuming you know where to go next…) just keep on pressing on. They are timeless games, and ones I grew up with, so they’ll always have a soft spot for me. Oh yeah, and my run-through of Pearl ended exactly the same way :X I got destroyed by the Elite Four and never went back! Good luck making it work haha 🙂

      Ya know, it’s a very interesting subject indeed. I first played Pokemon when I was a kid, back during the 90s Poke-mania, and naturally those sorts of questions never sprung up, nor did they as the years went on. Of course, in more recent years given my lifestyle change, it definitely pops into my head, the way Pokemon are treated as tools, yet there’s this underlying (and honestly, bizarre) mutual love and understanding that both humans and Pokemon have within the universe. That being said, my brain segments Pokemon games into its own category, because Pokemon creatures to me are animal-based, but with human traits. And the humans have a deep affection and care for the well-being of Pokemon, (which sounds exactly like what a farmer would say to defend farming), but again, it’s the _way_ they regard Pokemon as equals, whereas real-life humans treat them as inanimate objects.

      Side note, I saw this somewhere, but apparently they DO eat Pokemon, it’s never directly discussed though as far as I know. So that also is a factor to take into consideration.

      I’ll definitely say that the last playthrough of a Pokemon game raised an eyebrow quite a few times, but typically my brain says “oh it’s fake, so it’s fine” despite the obvious parallels to how humans exploit animals for literally everything. Pokemon’s a happy-go-lucky kind of game – ever notice how every single person _only_ talks about Pokemon, like it’s a full on Pokemon-driven economy!? Weird right? Lol, now you’ve got me over-analyzing this whole thing! This is a great topic that I had yet to write about but will be sure to do so in the future. Thanks for the comment and suggestion!

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  3. Thanks a million for the shout-out, Geddy! ^__^ I’m glad to know that my solo adventures inspire you to play more Pokemon; after all, generating emulation in our fellow gamers is kinda one of the goals we pursue as bloggers, ain’t it? 😀

    As for my favourite Pokemon gen, a tongue-in-cheek answer would be “whatever gen I’m playing at the moment”. 😛 And mind you, it’s not even too far from the truth… I sort of get this ‘wow, this is really the best gen out there’ feeling every time I play a Pokemon entry — and it’s genuine, too! I can find something I love to pieces in each and every gen — bar the original gen I, which is definitely too buggy and unpolished for my taste and doesn’t come with nostalgia included as far as I’m concerned. Fortunately, I can now enjoy gen I’s merits without the glitchiness through Let’s Go Eevee and of course, I ended up loving good ole Kanto just as much as other regions. 😀

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  4. Pokemon is still as strong as ever for me. I started with Pokemon Red and I’ve played (and completed) every game in the franchise (including the spinoffs) many times. I’m currently playing through Pokemon Platinum again and I forgot how challenging the older Pokemon games could be. I mean… it’s still easy, but I find myself underleveled when compared to some of the more recent games. So I need to grind lol.

    I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Pokemon. I loved Sword & Shield and have completed it twice. The second time just recently and every morning when I wake up I play an hour of Platinum. After that, I want to move on to Ultra Sun and probably go back and finish Mystery Dungeon DX on the Switch.

    It’s understandable that you burnt out on the series though. There is a LOT of Pokemon games out there and I honestly wouldn’t change much about it at all. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

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    • That’s great to hear, Drak! Truly, I wish I was in the same boat as you. We’re presumably around the same age and it’s awesome that the Pokemania hasn’t left you.

      The thing that I love most about the franchise is that it always draws you back in, because the charm and feelings you get when you play those games is undeniable, and at some point, if you ever liked a Pokemon game, you find your way back.

      There have been some really good changes, (I think I mentioned the removal of HMs) and if they gradually add improvements and QoL changes like that, I’ll definitely go back.

      Sword & Shield I will most likely end up getting in a few years when my newborn is at the age she can understand what’s going on – I think that’ll be a great game to introduce her to the series.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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      • That’s awesome, man! I’m glad you want to experience Pokemon with your kid. Let me tell you that it’s a beautiful experience. I have 4 kids (trying to convince my wife for another one or two) and playing games with them is one of my favorite things to do. We recently completed Streets of Rage 4 together.

        I’ll admit that Pokemon Sun, Moon, Sword, and Shield spoiled me with the XP share. I have to grind every Pokemon in Platinum up one at a time and it’s a major grind. I think Let’s Go had that feature too.

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